Tuesday, January 29, 2008

PT is scheduled :D

Just got the paperwork in the mail, and I'm all set for 3 sessions of PT, starting on February 15th. Would have been nice if it was a bit sooner, but that's okay. The aleve seems to be doing its job okay. My leg only bothers me a little when I'm running. But, lying down (like right now) it is quite unhappy. But, so long as I can run, I'm okay :)

On a side note, I am amazed by how happy I've been the last week. I didn't quite realize how much running really did help my moods until I started up again. I'm like a new person :) My body is also slowly but surely turning back into itself again. With non running and a boyfriend, it was morphing into something else altogether. I'm 2 lbs down since last week and I swear the pants are a tiny bit less tight. I'll be so happy to have things fit right again! Running just naturally makes me want to eat healthier (and makes me happier so I don't want to eat so much comfort food!)

Lovely lovely running :)

(Planning something between 4 and 6 today between classes around the track! its c-c-c-old today- low to mid 40s- but it should be nice. So long as some freezing rain doesn't start up! I don't want to go to my 2nd class soaked...)

I'll report back later!


Backofpack said...

I've noticed that about injuries before - sometimes they hurt more when I am lying down than when running. I think it has to do with how extended the leg is, or if the position you are in is pulling at the injury. Sometimes propping the leg with a pillow can really help.

It's amazing how much of a difference running can make in our daily lives! Good luck with the PT.

Sarah said...

Hope you didn't freeze! Yeah, running is great therapy. : )

rick said...

Feb 15th?! Well at least it's on the schedule. I hope you keep being able to sneak those short runs in. They are doing wonders for you.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the PT! I find that running makes me eat healthier as well, but teaching on the other hand does not. A stressful day with the kiddos can make a person reach for the cookies and ice cream real quick :)

RunBubbaRun said...

Hopefully the PT gets you fixed up.. Not sure why all this stuff takes so much time to schedule all the time.

I thik I'm totally the same way. Just getting back to running, feel more alive and want to do things..
Not running beacuse of injury puts me in a total couch potato mood.

Sensationally Red said...

I am so happy that you are happy!

Donald said...

Hey, AddyGirl - I need your input on a question over at my blog. Please help!

Good luck with the PT, once you actually get started.

Journey to a Centum said...

When you start your PT please share what they have you do to help your leg. Who knows, maybe we can help ourselves or another runner with the information.

If we all did this we would probably qualify as certified blogPTers. Doling out PT information to the masses. Who knows, we might even get it right sometimes.

Glad you are back among the running!

PS- Are you going to be around the area when Big Sur is run?

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