Monday, June 29, 2009

Exciting Times :)

Hi All! I am trying to take the attitude that it is pointless to worry about what I cannot change, and look on the bright sides of my job loss. I have been applying and have even done a bit of interviewing (keep you fingers crossed) but, worse comes to worse, I'll take a bit of time off and then sub. With my summer job and my fabulous job saving this past year, I can afford a "late summer vacation." Of course, I honestly love teaching and would be much much happier with a job. I just have to have faith that there are jobs for people who really really want them.

To focus on the great positive in my life, I officially have a new brother (in law)! Yep, my big sister Ashley just got married :D Our whole family couldn't be happier about it all - this wedding has been a long time in the making (around 2 years engaged) and I know they will be so happy together. It was the perfect day down on the southern california coast - the best that area's seen in over a month. So, congrats to my sister :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

And So It Ends....

The last day of school was today. I had thought that I would have felt happy, jubilant even, on being done with this significant milestone- the first year of teaching. I've been told that this is the hardest I will ever have to work in this career, and that I will just be improving exponentially from this year.

I felt nervous going into today, wanting this to be a wonderful last day, but not sure what to expect. Luckily the kids were happy and wonderful and made the day easy (though they were incredibly hyper). Unfortunately, I had some bad news that significantly marred the entire day. We received an email this morning to let us know that layoff notices will be sent off on the 19th of this month. Great timing.

So, despite wonderful student and some great parents, I can't seem to feel anything but sadness about this day. Mostly because this might be the last time that I ever teach at my school - ever see my students. This year was so meaningful, and I am almost heartbroken that I might have to break my promise to my students that I'll see them next year.

I really feel that it's fundamentally wrong that the state is *literally* charging teachers for the budget crisis. Because of the crisis, we, as teachers will either be charged 4% of our pay, be required to take furlough days or, worst of all, lay off 130 teachers. We need to somehow save 18.6 million dollars as a district over the next 3 years, based on the money we are going to get from the state. This just doesn't seem fair - I didn't make the state go into debt, so why do I have to, in all actuality, pay to get the state out of its crisis.

It's so frustrating that, at this point, I was so excited about becoming a better teacher next year and was feeling really secure in my love of teaching, but now I have no security that I'll even be able to teach next year.

Hopefully something works out......