Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentines- Part III

(I wanted to make a brief apology here for such a broken up account of the weekend :) Having taken over 200 photos, it makes sense to split things up. Plus, with my program, it's good to limit myself on the amount of time I'm spending on here!)

So, we left off at Inn relaxation and fabulous dinner. As I mentioned earlier, one of the great features about this inn is its no TV policy. It was very nice to just not even have that as an option. I brought a few book options including The Girl and the Unicorn (by the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring that I really liked) which I thought I hadn't read, but upon beginning it, found out that I had. I also brought the complete works of John Muir, which I'm working through, and seemed appropriate in case we were coming to Mt Tam (and we did :)) and I think a couple of others. One can never have too many books. Ed just brought tried and true harry potter :)

Even though I was on vacation, however, I still needed to do my promised PT exercises. So, the foam roller came along with us on our trip :) This is one of my favorite ones to do, since it's definitely a new thing!

I lay on the foam roller (and keep my balance!) while making snow angel type motions with my arms. It was beautiful doing it outside, too, with such a gorgeous sunset and moon overhead.

Since we had had such a large and late lunch (that lobster roll was filling!) We hung around the room reading and relaxing until around 8pm. We had decided to take advantage of the hopefully amazing and dinner that was being served upstairs instead of driving into town for a meal, and we weren't dissapointed.
Our pretty table water served in a wine bottle, with the chardonney bottle in the background

When we arrived in the restaurant, we were one of three groups dining there. By the time we left, there might have been seven. It was lovely. We sat at a table right next to the fireplace. Since we had had a little champagne before dinner (and were planning on having more afterwards) we decided to go ahead and just get a half bottle of wine (a savingnon blanc- forgive my spelling). However, when they served the wine to Ed to taste, he made a bit of a funny face. He okayed it though, and the glasses were poured. However, when the waiter left, Ed told me that he didn't think this was what we ordered. We looked at the bottle and realized it was the chardonney with the "heavy butterscotch aroma" and hints of "pear and peach". This was the one we had specifically not ordered since I'm not big on those fruits, and it sounded like a heavy wine. We called the waiter over and explained the mix up. They brought us the new bottle, and let us keep the old for new measure. And, since wine is wine, after all, we found it in ourselves to enjoy both (though the one we wanted was definitely better :) )

The meal itself at the restaurant was simply wonderful. It was a prix fix menu (with a definite prix attached!) but all the choices were superb. We both started with a goat cheese tort that had goat cheese and onions I think in a pie crust served with a salad with grapes and pecans. Next, I had blackened pork chops with fries that had a lovely sauce and flavor. Ed had some fabulous sea bass. For dessert, I had a molton chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (generally, all desserts must have ice cream) and ed had cheese cake. It was definitely a meal of decadance!

Happy and well fed we headed back to the room to have a bit more champagne and, as we are somewhat lame 2o somethings, get to sleep so that we could enjoy a nice morning. There were talks of a pre-sunrise walk to greet the new day from a good view point, but we were too tired and the morning too foggy to do anything so active.

Sunday promised to be great with our plans of doing 10 or so miles on some of the best Mt Tamalpais trails that the mountain had to offer :)

And with that...I'm leaving the rest to part four so that I get some school work done today!


Anonymous said...

Great blogs!

Welcome to Tam. If you happen to be in marin on Sat AM. There is a group meet at 9 AM at Mt Home.

PKPWV said...

Sounds like a wonderful dinner! And I would have done the same thing after a wonderful dinner and nice wine! Nothing wrong with going back to the room!!!

Southbay girl

runningtwig said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!

Jean said...

Any weekend involving goat cheese & onion tarts, blackened pork chops, sea bass, lobster rolls, and wine is a good one in my book! :)

Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

That sounds like a fantastic time. I enjoy reading about your weekend in parts. (I'm up to III now). My lady and I went to a B&B this past weekend ourselves. Good times!