Sunday, May 03, 2009

A New Leaf

I've been holding off on this post until I was sure that my new efforts we're going to stick, but I think it's safe to go ahead and share my recent efforts.

My first big announcement of sorts is that I've finally decided to do something about the effects of not running and not healthy eating. Much as I haven't wanted to admit it, my sleek runner's figure has turned into something that I'm not incredibly proud of. Almost 30 extra pounds of something to not be proud of. I didn't realize it was quite that much until I decided to face the music at my friendly neighborhood weight watchers meeting.

WW and I have a history together. I first went on it when I was 16 and lost an impressive 32 lbs, but was not healthy by the end of it, eating odd diet foods and not enough of it. I also got down to what was probably an unhealthy weight for me (about 20 lbs below what I weighed when running). I went off to college and got to what I consider my healthy running weight, dabbling with weight loss off and on in college. My whole family has done weight watchers at one point or another (and in fact two of my family members are currently slimming down with it).

So, once I was ready to admit that I wasn't going to get motivated on my own, it seemed natural to go back. It's very different doing this as an adult with an understanding and appreciation for healthy foods. I've been enjoying trying out new healthy recipes, and have so far made a delicious spinach manicotti and a very tasty chicken pot pie. I really don't feel like I've changed my eating too much, except that I'm just being consistent in being healthy. So far, the efforts have been going well! I lost 5.4 lbs my first week, and am feeling hopeful about this coming weigh in, as my clothes are continuing to fit better. *fingers crossed* I think my goal is to lose that 30 lbs, but we'll see how it goes. At this point, I'm aiming for 5%, which I will hopefully reach in the next week or two, and then 10%, and then go from there.

To aid me in these efforts, I have a second announcement. This one I post with some trepidation, because I have made so many of these "announcements" before. Despite not really noticing much of a change with the steroid shot, I have decided to start running again. If my leg always hurts, and stays pretty constant in the level of pain regardless of anything, than running isn't necessarily detrimental to it. Even when it hurt in the beginning, I was still running sometimes 10 miles at a time. Since my doctor has now officially given up on finding out what is wrong, I don't really have a good idea of where to turn next, so I'm just going to try to be active and see where that gets me. I ran twice last week and twice this week, and it's been nice. Of course, I am horribly out of shape, and am finding myself limited by that, as well as by my leg, so that's frustrating, but I know I'll get more in shape soon. I've also been using the elliptical twice a week, which will hopefully get me stronger.

Ed and I went on a fun(ny) run yesterday that was beautiful, but had ridiculously sticky mud! As we ran, our feet got heavier and heavier as thick layers of mud caked to the shoe. The mud would cake on until it was about 3 inches thick (and incredibly heavy) and then would come off, making us appreciate how light a foot naturally is. We were reduced to walking after not too long, which was workout enough. We did find another trail that was a bit less muddy and were able to do some running on that, and overall we did appreciate the time outside.

It is nice to feel like I'm getting back into shape, and maybe regaining some of that healthy athletic image that I had so enjoyed. I don't know if this is the road back to real running, but it's at least a road to a healthier, better me :)


Anonymous said...

Regarding you leg problem. I know this will sound out there, but have you ever heard of Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS? I know it sounds weird, but it affects me and quite a few people I know.

Here is the website:

Gretchen said...

Good for you Addy, that sounds awesome! Just go easy on the running, stay on trails, and keep it fun. (It sounds like you are!) I have been dealing with a tender ankle which I injured by turning it badly on a run two years ago. It's never gotten much better, but as long as I stick to mostly trails and ice after races and long runs, it has been manageable. I'm not thrilled that it's not better, but big chunks of time off haven't done anything to improve the situation, so I feel like running hasn't made it any worse. Anyway, I just mean to say that I understand the 'running with pain' thing, and as long as we're not doing damage to ourselves, it seems worth it to keep running.
Good luck!

Sensationally Red said...

Great to see you giving running a try again! Might as well if you're not causing anymore damage. Good luck.

Southbay Girl said...

Addy! YEAH!! I know how hard it's been for you to not run! I'd go NUTS if I couldn't run!!! It would still be nice to find out where and why there is pain!! is your pain in a joint?

I'm a big fan of prolotheraphy. It's helped me! my left foot would hurt so much-every run I had to cut short and I'd be in tears! Now I have no pain!!! prolotheraphy is an alternative medicine. It's used to strengthen the tendons and ligaments. The US Ski team has been going down to Mexico for prolotheraphy on their knees! I don't ever push stuff on people but it really changed my life and gave me back pain free running!!!

Ms. V. said...

Wow. Congrats for joining WW (I'm a Lifetime member), and for getting back out there.

You've made a start. One day at a time and all that.

Good luck!

Journey to a Centum said...


Just take it slow for both your WW and running efforts. Don't get caught up in the "instant fix". Woman lose weight painfully slow so make sure you are fueling properly.

You might want to find a couch to 5K training plan to follow for a soft ramp up to running again. Our running club has our returning runners and begining runners use this run/walk plan and have found it to prevent many of the common "start up" injuries.

Glad to hear that you are ready to give running a go again! Perhaps one day Michelle and I will be able to meet you at a trail marathon or 50K!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Good news...with your positive attitude I am sure that you will prevail.

Sooooooo, when will I see you at a race with a bib on? C'mon...I know you want to! :)

runningtwig said...

Good for you! I have had issues with my hips off and on for over 12 long as I'm on the trails and icing/stretching I'm good...just take it easy and have fun! Good luck!

Addy said...

Thanks for the support guys!

Gretchen- Good to know that you're still doing great running with a bit of an injury :)

Red- Thanks!

SBGirl- I'm intrigued by your suggestion. It's definitely something to look into!

MS. V- Congrats on your lifetime. I actually made lifetime myself back in high school, and am enjoying the benefits :)

Eric- Don't worry, I'm following the plan :) Lost an acceptable 1.8 this week, which is more what I expect. I am trying to take it slow with running, but I'm finding that hard too. Limiting myself to twice a week though. I've thought about C25k, but feel like that's taking a step back, even though I know its not.

Dave- I so want to wear a race bib again! Maybe a 10k is in my future :D

twig- Thanks :)

Donald said...

Baby steps, Addy. It's great to see you turning in the right direction again - just remember to be patient as well. Good luck with everything.

miki said...

Don't give up on your leg Addie. Pain sucks and I feel that there must be a solution for yours. Maybe you just haven't found the right doctor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, whatever. I have a few names if you're interested and it looks like you're on this side of the hill instead of the other now so it would be local. I see a great PT in Santa Clara and there are 2 very amazing tuina massage/tcm practitioners right near you in Los Gatos. ~Miki

Jean said...

Good luck to you Addy! I wish you well in getting back in shape. It is good to hear you are doing a little running, and I hope this will be the start of better things to come.

All the best!