Friday, November 06, 2009

A New Routine

Another work week has passed and once again I got out for 3 days of running during the week. I've been telling my students about my running and healthy habits, which is nice, as I feel like I'm getting to set a good example for them. What's sort of fun/exciting is that my colleagues are noticing my new habits. Yesterday a fellow teacher asked me if I was going to be running after class and today my Principal asked me how the running was going.

I like that I'm building up a 'reputation' as it were of a healthy active person. It makes it easier to keep it up :)

I've been running a little less this week, with 30 minutes Tuesday and Wednesday and 40 minutes yesterday. My legs have been feeling tired after last week, and I figure that I'd better not push it. What has been helping me a lot is a mind shift. Instead of worrying that running will make my leg worse, I'm convincing myself that running will make it stronger and, eventually, better. I have been feeling stronger this week. My breathing is now relatively normal during my runs, and I've been finding a kick in my step at the end of the runs. My legs seem to be getting stronger, too. They're still the weakest part of me though, and I'm hoping that eventually they'll feel like 3 miles is easy.

As an added bonus, I've now lost 11.2 lbs :). Again, I'm trying out a shift in mindset with this as well. Instead of looking at it as not being able to eat things (like the chocolate that is constantly present at my staff meetings) I'm looking at it as making the healthiest choices that will make me feel the best. I'm also focusing on making this a manageable change, which means that I'm still allowing myself to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner most nights. Ed has been wonderfully supportive, and I think he is enjoying the new found confidence that comes with being healthier. That, and all the new recipes we've been trying.

So, life is going great. My younger sister is coming to visit this weekend, Ed's birthday is next weekend, and Thanksgiving is coming up soon!

Lovely Fall :)


Sarah said...

Awesome! That positive attitude is going to take you far. Glad to hear things are going well and others are noticing your healthy lifestyle!

Jean said...

Way to go, Addy! This is really wonderful to hear, and it sounds like you are doing fantastic with your regimen of diet and exercise. Keep it up, and I hope you continue to enjoy this season!