Thursday, August 26, 2010

Squaw Valley

I've definitely been feeling unmotivated the last few weeks. Two weekends ago, I went on a hard, difficult 12 miler, and for the next week, limped a bit due to my bad leg. I've suddenly remembered that teaching really makes my leg act up (something about the 6-8 hours of standing a day), and now it suddently makes sense why running was going better over the summer (no teaching). Needless to say, those marathon dreams seem far away now. I'll admit, I've had a bit of a pity party for myself - almost 3 years since my leg first started hurting, and, even now, I'm still feeling it. Nothing to do, though - though I have thought about trying for a new doctor again, but I just don't have much hope left.

I did have a nice run tuesday, only 3 miles, and it left my leg pretty uncomfortable, but not too bad. I also had a lovely "run" with Ed in Berkeley on Saturday, which was lots of fun - I love revisiting trails from college :). I even ran into Dave!

So, it's not all bad. Just in an adjustment period. Hopefully I'll be able to start running a bit more soon.

For now, here are some beautiful pictures from our Tahoe trip, when my dad, Ed and I hiked up at Squaw Valley.


Sarah said...

Don't give up hope!

Jean Pommier said...

Yes, Addy, keep going!
Sorry I haven't forgot all your posts: don't you know which injury you are suffering from? After this time, I agree with you, you should see someone else (my father diagnosed my wife's hip after she suffered from what she thought was the leg for more than a year...).
Maybe someone around Stanford, the Mecca of sport medicine in the Bay Area?

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