Sunday, December 04, 2011

Running Amidst Chaos

Okay, so maybe chaos isn't a fair assessment of the past week, but it did, in moments, feel chaotic to be attempting everything in my week that happened. I had a 2+ hour planning meeting, a full day training, a presentation to my collegues (teaching them something - why is it always scarier to teach adults than children?), a 2 hour curriculum meeting, and was observed twice on Friday - in the morning to receive coaching for my Language Arts program, and in the afternoon to be filmed for a research project.

All of this (particularly the staff presentation and the science filming) left me with knots in my stomach and countless hours prepping. If this week had fallen even a month before, I would have used it as an excuse to have a few more glasses of wine, and to take the week off of running. However, as this was week two of my training, I had to fit in my runs. Instead of an unhealthy week, I was able to get stress relief in a fun and healthy way and rack up 23 miles this week (including 7 milers on both Saturday and Sunday).

I'm excited about this month's training, and am considering signing up for a half marathon on the 31st to celebrate New Year's Eve :)

Everything went pretty well, and I'm looking foward to a hopefully calmer week.

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