Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life Flying By

No running yet (it's been exactly one month since Dick Collins today!), though after a whole week of no activity (student teaching is overtaking my life!) my calf feels miraculously so much better. Who would have thought pure rest could be so beneficial ;). Anyways, my new running shoes have been delivered but are in the apartment office, so I'll hopefully get a hold of them tomorrow sometime and try my first run back on Thursday :D

Student teaching is crazy with just over a month left in our quarter. I was observed today in a lesson that I taught on the "-at" word family (rat, bat, cat, vat, hat, pat, fat, sat, and mat). Tomorrow I teach the exciting idea of subtraction patterns!!!

Okay, not that exciting, but I've just spent two hours making a book entitled, "the seven little fish" about little fish who scare easily, to convey the concepts, hopefully. I'm being filmed and peer reviewed for this one! Still working on the lesson plans.

Amidst the craziness, I'm still getting out to enjoy this beautiful world. We celebrated Ed's birthday yesterday by going down and driving the famed 17 mile drive south of Monterey (by places like Pebble Beach for you golf folk). I took tons of pictures, which I'll share in spurts, but here's one to give you an idea of the the day we had :)

Have great ones all! Hopefully I'll be posting about runs again really soon!


Backofpack said...

Sounds like student teaching is keeping you busy! Enjoy the kids and go with the flow. You'll be great! And, you'll be out running before you know it.

andyb said...

Glad to hear your calf is feeling better! Good luck getting back to running and with your "subtraction patterns" lesson. Any lesson containing fish has to be good! ;-)

rick said...

Post about the things that excite, running or not, sa'll good! Love the title "the seven little fish". I wonder how it ends?