Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm beginning to think that purposefully choosing the two week solo teaching event for student teachers (where the main teacher is out of the classroom for two weeks) during the last month of school is a kind of hazing for new teachers. Today my lovely students had a 10 ft chain of rubber bands that within a few seconds was strung across the room. After school they were throwing spit balls at another teacher's window.

Only one week of the solo left, and 2 1/2 weeks of student teaching

the end cannot come soon enough

(on working out note, my legs seem to be getting stronger and I'm starting to look forward to my gym time. I still don't love the elliptical, but I do love feeling healthy :) )


robtherunner said...

I'm not sure if anyone else has told you this, but student teaching is far more difficult than when you get your own classroom. I agree with the hazing analogy. Hang in there!

Southbay Girl said...

Wow sounds brutal! But only one more week!

I agree the eleptical can't replace running! I don't know if I've found anything that can replace it but at least you're getting exercise!!! Nothing better to clear the brain after a solo week of student teaching!!!

Happy Trails said...

Found you on the blogsite somewhere out in cyber space. I just started running ultras last year. I had a great race schedule this year, until I fell really hard on a trail run, 1 week before a 50++ race, and severly injured my proximal hamstring. I've only started back to running just about a month and a half ago. I know the frustration with not running while healing.
Good luck with teaching. I start teaching swim lessons to preschoolers next week. Yikes!!


Phil said...

Those ellipticals are really a drag, but they will keep your cardio conditioning up while you work through the other issues.

Good luck.

rick said...

Well that's definitely good news, that your legs are getting stronger. Way to stick to the plan and it's nice of those kids to keep you on your toes:)