Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some new things

As I think I mentioned, I got my hips x-rayed last week to make sure that there wasn't anything going on in there that needed help. The hips came out totally fine, which I guess is good (though at some point it'd be really nice to have a doctor point to a picture and say "here! this is what's causing all your symptoms"). What did show up on the x-ray is that i have a bit of scoliosis! Not a big deal at this point, I'll just need to get adjusted a few times a year to keep things in check.

After last week's painful acupuncture, and no noticeable pain improvement otherwise, my chiropracter and I decided to cancel my next appointment and instead schedule one with her brother, who is a physical therapist. Apparently he has a series of tests to see if its something in my quad that's the problem. If it is, he has a series of exercises for me to do that are supposed to help. We'll see how that goes. If it doesn't show anything, I"m hoping to get an okay for an MRI. The only other place to check, bone wise, would be my knee, which might be a factor (though doesn't seem to fit with the pain starting in the hip region). But, I have noticed a sort of clicking sensation lately after workouts that's (I think) coming from around the knee area. I've been having trouble placing it exactly, but I think it's just below the knee. I'll mention this friday as well.

So, with no progress on the doctor front, I've been trying to be really committed on the home front to the plans I made last week to get healthy again, running or not. I sort of sucked over the weekend, partly because I was feeling down about my sore leg and not feeling like I could work out or wanted to, and partly because i bought ice cream and then my food conscious, Ed, left and I ate the rest :P. I cannot under any circumstances harbor my own carton of ice cream in the freezer. It just doesn't work. Ever.

But come monday, having probably gained back any progress from last week, I started fresh. I went to the gym monday and wednesday and did elliptical and strength training, core, and weights and did just my strength training, core, weights, and stretches at home tuesday. My legs are feeling stronger, which is exciting, since they've been feeling very very weak lately. I'm hoping that if I really commit to getting a strong body than when I can finally start running again, it won't be as hard to jump back in. It's nice to feel sore again (in a normal way!) and my leg pain, while still there seems more mild than when I was trying to run. The elliptical is boring, but getting up a sweat is enjoyable. The scale has been moving down (though I know only once a week weigh ins are the most accurate) but I"m feeling better about my body and clothes seem to be fitting a tiny bit better. At least I'm moving in the right direction!


Christine said...

Good to hear you're already making progress!

Jeremy Hoefs said...

Too bad your hip pain holds you back from training like you would want to. Sometimes, as runners, we push ourselves too much, huh? I'm still waiting (and praying) for the season when I am 100% pain and injury free. Good luck with your strength training!

Sarah said...

Keep up the positive attitude! That will get you through.

rick said...

I have the scoliosis thing too. They did one of those tests in high school and they caught it then. Fortunately I was already discovering high school sports by then and all the exercises I did in wrestling help stabilize my back.

You sound so positive. I like how you keep bouncing back from all the setbacks on your running. Keep it up and I hope you are back on your feet soon. Way to control the things you do have control over.

Jason Rockman said...

Just stumbled across your blog and having recently gotten over some pretty intense hip pain several months ago, thought I would share what I've learned. First and foremost, make sure your PT specializes in runners. If he doesn't, he may not be able to help you all that much. You may want to ask the runners world discussion group (trail running) if anyone knows a good PT in Nor Cal. There are tons of Nor Cal runners on the board who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Lastly, get the name of a good sports massage therapist. It may sound crazy, but this really helped me. I had never seen a sports massage therapist until I messed up my hip, and it helped me out a lot.

Train smart, focus on your form, get strong and get back at it.

Good luck


Jean Pommier said...

Glad to see you have passed the down phase. Can't provide medical advice, but keep working your core. Whatever you do, this is a no-brainer and safe investment for staying in top shape. Core also relieves a lot of stress from the hip, as my wife can testify (she suffers from hip arthritis, yet is able to pass runners when she does Nordic walking).

Good luck,

Farther Faster

Ryan said...

Hang in there! I wish you the best.

Jean said...

Addy, keep it up and you will get back to where you want to be. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Hang in there. I have no doubts that you will be back running!

Bob Gentile said...

It's nice to feel sore again (in a normal way!)
ahh that is great!!!!

I had hip pain a few weeks ago after my long run, I was talking with my Buddy Tom who will be pacing me for my 100 miler and he told me to keep on running the following week after my hip pain (bastard))) but guess what?! I ran that hip pain right out of me...that was pretty cool.

OK So I am not saying what I did I recommend but Tom mentioned that sometimes as long as it's not a tear/pull or getting way worse on every step to just keep moving through it and it will loosen up and eventually fade away.

SO the fine line which is on a case by case basis and a feel thing is when do we know to run through the pain and when to pull back...Sorry I don't have that answer but maybe ur healing up good enough now and u can loosen up the hip by doing a run, maybe...just wanted to "run" that idea past ya (pun intended) haha

Good going on ur strength training, keep up the good work Addy!

Your Eastcoast Friend :-)