Friday, June 27, 2008

The Extended Role of a Teacher

As a teacher, everyone knows you're expected to teach the basic subjects: reading, math, language arts, science, PE, and the arts. However, in reality you're expected to do a whole lot more. On the first day of one of my new summer classes, we all brainstormed about our extended role as a teacher. I wanted to type up this list both because I think it's interesting to think about all the different roles a person can hold at the same time, and because I am both intimidated and amused by the various 'identities' I'll be holding in a few short months. So, without further ado, here's the list:

role model
extra funds providor
encourager of dreams
hygeine educator
administer of band-aids
teacher of respect
teacher of social skills
party planner
present maker
homework helper/tutor
settler of upset parents
actor and entertainer
Extracurricular activity supporter
helper of self discovery
teacher of self confidence
provider of emotional support
helper of grieving
sounding board
resource finder
teacher of responsibility
play directgor
emergency food provider
yard duty
teacher of critical thinkers
community involver
event coordinator
risk taker
parental figure in the classroom
interior decorator
provider of emotional vocabulary

My favorite of these is magician. My friend Daniel offered up this one, explaining that, "as teachers, we often have to make something out of nothing, or a lot out of a little, magically meeting the needs of our students without the time, funding, or resources that we realistically need to do our jobs."

Even with all this, I'm excited for the fall. I dreamed about the first day of school last night (already?) and bought a couple of things for the classroom today (the dollar tree is amazing and has a whole teacher section!)


On a separate note, I'm getting nice and settled into Campbell now, and enjoying my new home more and more. I'm hoping to check out a farmer's market tomorrow morning and go to the recycling center to finally get rid of the rest of our moving boxes. Ed took off for Pennsylvania Wednesday, which was a little sad, but I'm excited for him and his new students. Of course, now I'm all alone in a new city. I'm thinking about trying to find some kind of hikers group, since the running still isn't happening. I've done some searching without a lot of success, but hopefully I'll find something. After watching the last season of six feet under, with one of the opening scenes featuring a cougar attack as the method of death, I'm not too keen on treking those trails alone :P Too bad I can't join a running club.....

Any other ideas for meeting people? As much as I'm enjoying my leisurely days of reading and watching movies (and cleaning) it'd be nice to be a bit more social:)


Bob Gentile said...

extended role as a teacher
Whew you will wear a lot of Hats, GOD BLESS our Educators, Thanks for help raise UP those kids :-)

Best line I heard about the importance of our kids, our future ...

"Children are a message and a gift that we send to a time that we will never see"

You are going to great and raise up a lot of kids to SEE their potential & that they have greatness within...

Go Addy Go!!

runningtwig said...

That is a big list and there are many more things we do as teachers...I love them all, but I'm glad we have the summers off! Doing all that is rewarding and exhausting!!

You'll be awesome!

Jean said...

What a great list, Addy. Both my parents were teachers, and they definitely performed every role on this list. I have no doubts you will too, and you will do so with excellence! :)

Good to hear you are getting settled. Enjoy this time before classes start!

Backofpack said...

Oh, I could add even more to your list! For meeting people, how about volunteering? Is there a Y in town?

Gretchen said...

Love the list! It's good sometimes to remind ourselves that it's about so much more than teaching math, science, etc. No wonder it's so tiring, and as runningtwig said: rewarding and exhausting...thank goodness for summer!
For meeting people, how about volunteering at something that's important to you. You may find like-minded individuals!

Steve Stenzel said...

I love the list!! I'm in the middle of teaching a summer class right now, and I can TOTALLY agree with most of those!!