Thursday, July 24, 2008

Into the Adult World I Go

Yesterday I opened my email account to receive the following message:

"You have met all of the necessary requirements to receive a recommendation for the following document(s).

Credential: P5--PRELIMINARY--: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
Issuance: 07/18/2008
Credential: P5--PRELIMINARY--: Single Subject Teaching Credential
Issuance: 07/18/2008"

Hallelujah! And with that, I'm done.

Within this last year, I moved to Santa Cruz, ran my first 50k in tahoe, started my program, ran my second 50k, met the love of my life, ran my third 50k, realized I was in love, ran my first 50 miler, realized I was injured, made it through 4 different student teaching placements, got a job, moved to Campbell, wrote my capstone essay, and completed my program. For all my hard work, I now have 2 credentials and a masters, as well as an amazing boyfriend and an amazing career.

As most of you who have been following my blog know, this hasn't exactly been an easy year. Without my running (its been 9 months since I really ran, if you can believe that) getting through the stress of this program has been a bit more challenging. The good part of that was that I got to prove to myself that I can manage stress in other ways, besides just running.

The support of my family

and especially of Ed has made this really a wonderful year, even with the injury and the student teaching from hell, and I feel so thankful to have made it to the other side happy and excited for the next steps in my life.

My first blog post ever was about getting into this program, and I remember how nervous I was about starting it, moving to a new city where I knew no one and embarking on a career that all through undergrad I didn't think I wanted.

I'm so happy I made the decision to go to Santa Cruz and become a teacher. My life seems to be falling into place and hopefully, with everything else going to well, I'll soon be able to get a healthy leg into the picture as well. No plans yet on how that will happen, but there have to be answers somewhere (possibly in an MRI, which I'm going to ask my doctor about).

In any event, thank you to all of you who have stuck reading my blog even though it really isn't about running anymore, but more just about my life. While I know the posts about the 20 milers were probably a lot more fun to read, I still want to write about my life without running, even if it is less exciting. Thank you all to your support and encouraging comments when I was sad or frustrated about the program and teaching and for helping my keep my spirits up through my injury. You guys are all so amazing and I'm so glad I get to keep 'running' through all your posts, living vicariously through your ultra races :)

No longer a student (even though I will always be a life long learner), its time to teach!


Abbie said...

yay Addy - congrats! I know how great it is to open that e-mail :)

Ryan said...

What a great post! Liv'in life to the fullest congratulations on all ur accomplishments!


e-rod said...

omg, you're done, and here i am still wallowing in my grad program. big congratulations, addy!!!! you're gonna have to change the title of your blog pretty soon.

Addy said...

thanks guys!

erod- I mom suggested renaming it to "limping towards tenure" but I not sold on it ;). I'll probably do a post for suggestions as I don't know what to call it now!

Southbay Girl said...

Addy-CONGRATS!!!!! What an amazing accomplishment-actually your entire year has been an amazing accomplishment!

Southbay Girl

Anonymous said...

Congrats Addy! I've been following your blog for over a year now and I always enjoy your upbeat attitude about life and the occasional challenges that come with it. Best wishes for continued success and happiness.

Lurker in Seattle

Backofpack said...

You are now Running & Teaching! Yay! Congratulations Addy - you've put in the work, now you get the fun. You picked a wonderful profession where you will get to impact lives every day - I'm so excited for you! What a year you've had...

Donald said...

Yahoo! Congrats, Addy. Do the world some good - we sure need it.

Ana as Michelle said, it's time to change the blog title.

Mauricio said...

Congrats Addy!!! :)

Bob Gentile said...
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Bob Gentile said...

Blogger Bob Gentile said...

VERY Cool Addy, LOVE the pics....

Congrats and "Welcome to Adult Swim" errr Run ummm ya know what I mean :-) out of the pool, it's Adult time :-)

Have you seen Jamie Donald's blogyet?... She set New CR for Badwater this year, she is a middle school teacher & a rockin' ultra runner.

check out Her Badwater Video

Welcome Addy & Congrats Again, you are going to be an awesome teacher !!

Bob Gentile said...

oops edit again (sigh))))) I think I need to go to bed

** Donaldson's** blog

Addy said...

thanks everyone for all the congratulations! You guys are so wonderful in your constant support :D

lurker in seattle- thanks for taking the time to leave a reply! I'm so happy to hear you've been enjoying the blog and I hope that maybe you'll inspire more lurkers to come out of the woodwork. I love hearing from readers :D.

Bob- Thanks for the blog recommendation! Her blog looks amazing!!

Sarah said...

Congrats Addy! You've come so far in one year. You'll be a great teacher and I know you'll be out there running again some day too. : )