Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Summery" Afternoon in the Hakone Gardens

This was a long week. Ed was off doing research down South, and this week apart made us both realize how much better life is together :)

The job search/layoff process is still being stressful (I have a hearing scheduled for next week.....normal but not fun), as is teaching. And, just to make matters worse, I some how got a mild case of bursitis in my left knee, which made me almost unable to walk for a day. Without Ed, I sort of dissolved in a panic. It stayed bad for just a day, and by now is almost better. My doctor said that since my quad have gotten weak, my knee probably got bugged from my hike last weekend.

It is so nice to have Ed back. We went out to celebrate for a late dinner after his flight on Santana Row, and unwittingly picked a very happening place. Now, Ed and I rarely go out, and pretty much never go any place that could be described as "happening" by any stretch of the imagination. But at 10pm on a Friday night, Santana Row was just that. We went to Blowfish Sushi, so hip that they had guys at the door checking ID! The music was blaring and the place was full of people our age having a good time. We've discovered that it is fun to act our age sometimes :)

Yesterday, we did an activity more our norm, a nice walk through a beautiful place. The Hakone gardens were built in 1917, and are beautiful Japanese Styled Landscaping and buildings. The place was packed, including two wedding parties taking photographs. It was also about 80 degrees! It certainly felt like summer. We picked up a picnic lunch on our way there, and enjoyed a peaceful afternoon, wandering, reading, and enjoying the weather. It definitely helped to reduce the stress and get me ready to face the next week.

Only 9 working days until Spring Break :) Thank goodness!


Glenn Jones said...

Beautiful pictures! Thaks for sharing them.

Ms. V. said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I got laid off too, but I've been at this since 1981.

Don't worry, you'll find a job..We hope the Governator is listening!!!

Jean said...

Oh, how nice to see flowers blooming! Gorgeous photos, Addy. Looks like that is an amazing place. Thanks for posting!

Clara said...

I found your blog off of Josh's (On the Run)blog. Your pictures make me ask myself why I live in IN!!