Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walk it Out

In my last post, I ended by saying that I was using the Santa Cruz race to help jump start a switch to a healthier lifestyle and, I'm happy to say that I have really taken that to heart.

I have to be honest that I'm still finding running a bit difficult to fit in. My leg always seems a bit sore and I feel hesitant to do it that often. However, I have found a really good alternative - fast walking! This past week I went on an hour walk five of the days. I am really enjoying walking the through neighborhoods - it reminds me of when I used to run in Berkeley.

Two of my walks were up near where I teach. I've decided that on days when I stay until 7 to wait out traffic, it makes perfect sense to take an hour break and be active. I created a 3.5 mile figure eight loop around my school, and I have to admit, I love taking this break. I really looked forward to it yesterday. It's also fun to get to see the neighborhood that my students live in. An added bonus is that a few of my kids saw me and were so excited to see me 'jogging' - seeing a teacher out of context is always fun for them :) I am going to try to to this at least 2 of the days during the week.

One of my other walks was on our favorite Los Gatos Creek trail - Ed came with me on this one and had a little trouble keeping up!

My most out of the way walk was up at Lake Chabot. Ed ran the Golden Hills Marathon, and I decided to get my exercise while waiting for him at the finish.

All this walking and eating healthy has really paid off! I've lost almost 6 lbs the last two weeks and am feeling great. Ed and I are really enjoying trying out new recipes - we made healthy Mac and Cheese on Sunday that was wonderful, and very satisfying Orange Beef and Broccoli on Saturday. We're eating out less, and our new Saturday tradition is going to Whole Foods to get some really good Protein and making something delicious.

It's lovely being healthy!


Rick Gaston said...

It's lovely that you found fast walking to complement your healthy eating/cooking at home program. Years ago I was entered in the Big Sur Marathon and had to switch to the walk because I was injured. I was surprised that despite having a runners endurance I couldn't keep up with some of the people walking. There's definitely a technique to it and muscles that need to be trained to handle that type of exercise.

Sarah said...

Keep it up, Addy! Maybe one of these days you can start adding running/jogging spurts to your walks.

Having been out of running nearly as long as you, I think I know a bit of what you are going through. I finally realized that I wasn't going to just miraculously start running pain-free one day. So I've had to work through some discomfort to get back to running, but it's been worth it.