Friday, June 25, 2010

Up to Nevada Falls

After we couldn't rest any more, we headed forward, up to our next goal (See the falls in the picture above). We stopped to see Emerald Pool, which our friend rememberered swimming in before. Seeing the turbulent white water and swift current, and remembering the impressive falls not far away, it wasn't hard to see while swimming is no longer allowed. 

Next, we saw the silver apron, which was a very impressive display of the power of water. 

During this expereince, I came to discover that Ed isn't really big on bridges, but our other friends gave a pose for us. 

We continued heading up the valley, and soon were greeted with a beautiful site of the falls. I'd never seen Nevada falls and was impressed. 

Soon, the singletrack was replaced by more granite stairs, but with the harder hiking came more awesome views. 

Ed took a moment to enjoy the view.

And we all took a break on the fun switchbacks. 

Once we got to the top, though, the view down was well worth it. 

Ed and I discovered another difference between us, when it comes to fears. The metal railings at the edge of the granite ledge we were on made me feel quite safe. I shook them hard and was satisfied that they weren't going anywhere, so I felt fine leaning on them as I got the perfect pictures. Ed doesn't like putting trust in man made things, apparently. He kept his distance, and wasn't thrilled when I was up close with the edge.

Conversely, while I feel safe with a railing, places where its just me and the edge make me very nervous. Ed, for some reason, feels just the opposite, and has no issues  going towards the edge, when made me even more nervous!

Ed was standing near where the falls start, well, falling, and I wanted to take a picture. I took one, 

but it was making me so I told him to come back. "Move back?" he said, as he took a step backwards. 
Ahh!!! I completely freaked out. He was safe of course, but I yelled at him a bit to get him away from the ledge. I don't know that I've ever been more scared. He didn't quite get it, until he saw the spot from my view and understood my concern. The picture above might not be too scary, but imagine the thundering roar of the water and the 594 ft fall. 

Once my heart rate slowed down, we got a photo taken a safe distance from the the edge. 

I decided for one more look over the edge, and decided to take the opportunity to photography my ring, possibly for the last time without its matching band. 

Deciding we had made the other person nervous enough, Ed and I headed up to the bridge over the water, and enjoyed one last look at the water's power, before we headed home. 

Next up, we decided to head down the John Muir Trail, to try something new and save ourselves from stairs :). 

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