Wednesday, November 10, 2010


*in all fairness of a warning, this post is generally a not so happy post, and probably not all that entertaining to read*

Unsurprisingly, the shot didn't work. It was, perhaps, a bit unrealistic to think that, after the other steroids I've tried, that this would be different. If anything, my leg has been a bit more sore lately. It might just be that I'm more conscious of the pain, since I had a small hope that it would get better, but it's been hard to get to sleep, lately, and it's just making me feel defeated.

So, onto another appointment. I'm not sure what we'll try next, I just hope the doctor doesn't give up. At this point, I think I need to stop thinking of this as an injury - it's just chronic pain. Maybe it started with a calf injury, but it seems impossible that over 3 years later, that injury is still in effect. I have another chronic pain issue that isn't connect to running, and I have wondered if somehow they're connected to each other. In any event, chronic pain sucks, and I'm worried that it will never go away.

However, with all of that, I am gearing up to start being active again. If this is just pain, not an injury, and it isn't going away, I need to suck it up and be active again, so that I can be healthy. I've already gotten back to eating healthier, and Ed and I are going for a hike tomorrow.

I think I need to figure out how to not let myself get (stay) down with this pain. These last few months, since I started back up with school, I think I've sort of let it overwhelm me and have felt a bit sorry for myself. Which, I know, has made for very entertaining postings. But, this is where I am.

And, if anyone knows of any exciting ways to deal with chronic pain, I'm all ears :)


Sarah said...

Oh Addy, I feel so bad for you. I pretty much experienced the same thing, the ups and downs, the hopes. And chronic pain really does. : ( But I sort of came to the same conclusion, that I needed to work through it and maybe deal with more pain before I got better. But, I also found the therapy that helped me. So I wouldn't give up hope that the right therapy is out there for you. But I would also do all you can to strengthen your body. It can only help and I wish I had done more of that sooner. If you'd like to know more specifics about my situation, feel free to email me: sarah430 at gmail dot com.

Golden Trails Dave said...

:( can't tell you how bad I feel for you. I'm not sure that/how I could handle a situation such as yours