Friday, November 12, 2010

On a Lighter Note...

Since I don't like having up a negative post for too long, here are some photos from recent activities that have been lots of fun. 

First up, a delicious dinner from last week. Ed tried a new sweet and spicy rub on our salmon, which featured brown sugar and cumin, and was probably the best salmon we've ever had at home. We also experimented wiht roasting slices of zucchini in the oven, which transformed it into amazingly sweet and tender bites. The mashed potatoes, unfortunately, were better in theory than in practice, as we tried a new kind of potato (white rose), that ended up being a bit gummy. Still, a beautiful looking and great tasting meal. 

Second, Ed and I went for a short but beautiful hike on Veteran's Day, since I had it off. We went up to Skyline Ridge, where we had one of those rare days where you could see right to the ocean, with nothing in your way. It was windy and cold, but great. I also got to try out a new purchase - a hiking skirt! It's made of the same material as hiking shorts, is waterproof and SPF up to 50, and it really comfy.  I liked it's longer length, and wicking waist :). 

Last, today is Ed's 30th birthday, and we celebrated with some homemade deliciousness. For dinner, we had roasted red pepper lasagne, a newer recipe I've been trying that is both healthy and tasty. I even roast my own bell peppers for it.

And, of course, what birthday would be complete without cake! This was a healthyish recipe that still tasted plenty decedant and delicious. 

We're now off to Stinson Beach tomorrow morning for Ed's birthday race - a 15ish mile race at Stinson Beach with PCTR. I'll be, unfortunately, bringing my laptop and working on lesson planning instead of enjoying the trails, but am looking forward to cheering him at the finish. Afterwards, we're up to Point Reyes, which should be lots of fun - neither of us have ever gone!

So, I moan and groan, but there are plenty of great things going on :)

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Jean said...

Beautiful looking meals, and the roasted red pepper lasagna looks insanely good! And a gorgeous hike for Ed's birthday...very nice!

I am sorry to have read about your chronic pain, Addy, and I hope they will figure out what is causing it. All the best to you!