Monday, February 06, 2012


*blows dust off the blog*'s been a long, long time since I've posted on here. I stopped posting back in 2010, when I was frustrated with my inability to run, my leg pain, and my lack of answers.

Well, the leg pain is still there, but the other two categories have changed. I found out this past year that I have something called a "schwanomma" on the neural sheath of a nerve in my spine. Basically, it's a very slow growing benign tumor on a nerve in the spine. It's not something to worry about, in terms of my health and safety (as it doesn't really seem to be growing in size), but it does mean that there isn't much I can do, besides a very invasive and potentially damaging surgery.

I considered it for a little while, but decided that it wasn't worth risking putting myself in more pain, or limiting my ability to do activities for the chance of getting better.

This is something that I need to live with.

So, I've been "living with it" ever since.

 I started running again, and ran a half marathon in July,

 and another in October.

In November I started training for the Oakland Marathon, and haven't looked back. My leg has been doing surprisingly fine. It still hurts "normally" but usually doesn't give me too many issues on runs (it hurts most when I am sitting or lying down).

I am feeling like my old self and loving it!

So, be ready to get caught up on my running activities over the last year (I'm going to repost from my other blog), and read reports of all the great runs I'm going on over the next few months.

I am so, so happy to be back (and maybe some of my readers will be back, too :) ).


Scott Dunlap said...

Good to have you back! And glad to hear you're still getting out there.

Have you seen the movie 50/50? I saw it yesterday, and now have heard that schwanomma word the first two times of my life. BTW, the characters case sounds far worse than yours, so forewarning...

See ya in Oakland!


Adelyn said...

Haven't seen that movie yet, though I remember previews. How funny that he had this same, unusual thing, though I am very thankful that mine is benign, unlike his :P.

See you in Oakland!

Glenn Jones said...

Welcome back!

runningtwig said...

I'm still a follower! Not much of a blog writer anymore, but definitely a blog reader! Glad to see you back out there and running!

Adelyn said...

Thanks for the welcome back!!