Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekly Running 1/30 - 2/05

I've come back from sickness with a bang this past week, doing my highest weekly mileage in many many years. 

My 8 miler was a somewhat unexciting 32 trips around our local track. I've gotten tired of running dark, unfamiliar streets, so I opted this week for track running and listening to harry potter. The second 4 miles passed more quickly than the first and I felt very proud to run that far on a weekday. 

My 16 deserves its own post, but suffice to say, I feel super proud and excited. 

Next week? 4 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, 5 Thursday, and 12 Saturday. This week is supposed to recover my legs and get me ready for my next big run - 18 miles!

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Jean said...

Nice to see you posting here on this blog, Addy! Great job with your mileage. I wish you much success with your training. Keep up the awesome work! :)