Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Double Dipsea

Hi Everyone! (All 3 of you :) ). Ed and I are here safely in Arizona, though not a lot of running is going on, as we're having lovely 114 degree days here, with it close to 100 when we wake up in the morning. I've run once, Ed's gone 2 or 3 times. Compounding that, I accidentally caught my big toe nail on a recliner that I was moving in our new home and completely detached the nail from the nail bed. That poor foot seems to have something bad happen to it just about every year. I'm hoping that keeping it clean and bandaged will get it back to normal (or at least healed?) sometime soon.

In any event, it's a good thing I have lots of adventures to recount on here from before we moved!

Almost a month ago at this point (gosh, how can it have been that long?), Ed checked something off on his Bay Area bucket list - the Double Dipsea!

For those not in the know, this is the doubled version of the famous Dipsea race, a 7ish mile footrace from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach. Like that race, this one follows the Dipsea trail. However, this one starts at Stinson Beach. It still features about a million stairs, and the option to take shortcuts and one other special feature.

Guys like Ed? They start over an hour after the race begins! 

First ones to start the race (if there are any) are 80 year old and up women. Our first starters were 10 minutes later, at 70-74 year old women. From there on, every 3-5 minutes, a new wave of runners started.

The winner is whoever crosses the finish line first!

Ed promised he wouldn't push too hard (seeing as how we were starting our backpacking adventure that afternoon). After an hour of waiting, he (and the other 39 and under men) was off!

Meanwhile, I went to my "usual" spot - a nice little breakfast spot right next to Stinson Beach. I spent a lovely hour with my oatmeal, pot of tea, and book.

Apparently I usually come during off season, as about an hour in, I was not too gently encouraged to clear out to give them back their table. I was a little put off by that, but I understood.

Since I still had a little under two hours left, I headed to the beach to take in some beautiful views like this:

Being a Northern California beach, though, so I had to deal with this:

Beautiful but very chilly fog. I put on an extra jacket but was still too cold, so I headed back up to the race. About 15 minutes later, the winner came in! I had a great time cheering along as the runners poured in, while I looked for my guy.

Finally, I saw him (coming in behind the guy with the hat) flying in with a smile on his face.

Ed had a great time, and I had an equally great time spectating. 


Cristeen said...

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Tyler said...

The heat has been brutal here too. Raleigh set a record for most consecutive days with highs over 100. We've had a heat advisory every until yesterday with heat index 105-110+. Getting rain a lot this week but thankful for a break in the heat even if it's still very humid. Big Congratulations to Ed! That's hardcore.

Ernesto said...

Life is beautiful! Isn't it?
Thank you for sharing yur happiness with us. I am happy to hear good news from you.

Ernesto said...

Life is beautiful! isn't it?
Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.