Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outdoor Adventures

Life is crazy busy (we're leaving for Arizona on Friday!) but I wanted to share a few of the fun trail adventures we've had lately. Hopefully I'll have time at some point to share the full stories.

We camped for a night at Samuel P Taylor park and went on a gorgeous 10.6 mile loop run

Ed ran the Double Dipsea race and had a great time

We spent 3 days backpacking the 30ish miles of the Skyline to the Sea trail!

Lots of great tales and pictures to share :)


Jean said...

Hope your move has gone well and that you are getting settled in your new place! All the best! :)

Outdoor Adventure Fan said...

Great posting about your
outdoor adventure. We've done the Double Dipsea before and it's a great one. Thanks for the post and keep 'em coming!