Monday, October 28, 2013

A Happy Hike!

Since I've moved to Arizona, this  blog has been pretty lacking in outdoorsy adventures. Mostly because desert really isn't my thing, apparently. The bay area always felt so inviting: "come into the redwoods. Enjoy the waterfalls. Sit on a log and take in the cool mist." Arizona feels like it's out to get you: "watch your footing on the loose rock. You might fall off the drop off or into that cactus. Careful where you put your hands and feet - there could be a rattlesnake or scorpion. Watch that heat" Part of the problem is so far, I'd been letting Ed choose our trails. And the trails he chooses? Sort of challenging. 

Now that I'm emerging from the other side of morning sickness (knock on wood), I decided that we could try an excursion, but that I'd pick the trail. I discovered that many trails in our area are actually leveled, with the trails Ed likes being black diamond (loose, uneven footing, major obstacles, steep drop offs, etc). I found us a nice easy trail, described as a flat desert loop, and off we went. 

Ed was a bit skeptical, but honestly, this was exactly what I needed. The trail was smooth, wide, and easy, and I never had to worry about what my feet were doing. 

Instead, for the first time, I could actually appreciate our surroundings! We had fun admiring all the jumping cholla (while being careful not to get too close).

This guys seemed particularly jumpy, and we had to be careful not to step on any, especially when we'd step off trail to let bikers go by. 

We were surrounded by some pretty mountains, which made everything even more scenic. And of course, made me want to take lots of pictures. 

Had to document our growing little one - a little over 14 weeks!

The Superstition mountains were straight ahead, and looked quite beautiful.

I was even more grateful for the easy trail about 45 minutes in, when the hot temperature got to be a bit much (which honestly usually happens). However, thankfully the trail remained easy, which helped me keep my head and my happiness. Ed let me use his hat, I kept up with my water, and pulled up my shirt a bit to try to get cooler. I forgot that in the span of an hour, the desert can go from a cool 65 to a hot 88. Oops. Should probably be more careful!

In any event, we finally made it back, and Ed went out for another loop while I headed to the visitor's center for some nice cold water. 

When I picked him up 25 minutes later, we reflected on what a great hike it was, heat notwithstanding. "Ah" Ed reflected, "so this is the kind of trail you want." 

Exactly. Something where I can enjoy the nature without worrying about every step I take. Where I can enjoy just spending time with Ed. 

What a lovely Sunday.

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Christine said...

Yay baby bump picture!!! You look great!