Saturday, August 18, 2007

50k number two :D

So, for my first 50k last month, I was incredibly nervous, telling everyone about it and posting for weeks asking for advice and such. This 50k, the Psychedelic Climacteric, I barely thought about it until it arrived. Of course, getting ready to leave I was a bit nervous about taking it on, but without things like bibs or a super race-y vibe, it didn't exactly feel like a race.

It was a very low key 'race' just put on by my running friend Mike Palmer as a sort of early birthday run. He marks the course (and takes down the markings) himself, and writes out directions to follow as well. This year 6 people did the 50k, with a handful of others doing 16 miles, 20 miles, and 24 (I think).

It was a hard course, with about 7000 ft of elevation gain (and 1300 of that in the first 3 miles) but it was spectacularly gorgeous! I'll write a full race report when my body doesn't hurt so much, but I was super pleased with how I did (especially considering the back to back long runs last week). For the total distance (exactly 31.2 miles, or 50k) it took us 7 hours and 46 minutes!!! A good hour and nineteen minutes off my Tahoe time (though this course was .8 shorter). Still, breaking 8 hours was amazing! I owe that speedy time to Ernesto, a wonderful man who stuck with me the whole time even though he's super speedy himself (just did The Headlands 50 last weekend with PCTR and qualified for Western States!).

So yeah, I can now say unequivocally that I run Ultras in the plural form, not just, I run ultra ;). I've also never done two hard weekends in a row, so this was super good training (I hope!) for Dick Collins :)

Thanks so much Mike for such a fantastic run!


Josh said...

Wohoo! you run Ultrasss! wow, that's a great time for so much elevation change. You could easily break 7 hours on a flatter course. With that strong run after your back to back runs I would say you are ready to run Dick Collins right now ,Ok, maybe you need a day or two to rest :)

runningtwig said...

That is awesome Addy! I'm jealous of all your opportunities and the weather you guys have out there. Keep it up!

Journey to a Centum said...

Oh Oh, sounds like you are hooked! These are the best kind of run, low key, and friendly.

I added a link on my last posting from U-Tube on the M-80 if you want to learn more.

Cheers! ;D

Backofpack said...

Whoo-hoo! Two ultras, two weekends. You are doing great!!!

Bob Gentile said...

ADDY Said:I run Ultras in the plural form, not just, I run ultra ;)
LOLOL Ahhhh I love it, dang friggin right... ultra"S" Congrats and Recovery Well!!

I look forward to ur report... and yes it can be a long one if you want, I mean you did add a "S"
now :-)

I just might have to come back a few to times to complete it,,,I am a slowwwww reader :-(

Congrats Again !!

Sarah said...

You're incredible, Addy! Woohoo! Firetrail 50, here you come! : )

robtherunner said...

Sounds like you have the ultra-bug for sure. The photos from last weekend are beautiful. Firetrails should be a piece of cake :)

I hope your masters program goes well for you. I think running ultras is much easier.

Jean said...

Awesome job, Addy. It is hard for a flatlander like me to grasp 7000 feet of elevation gain. Wow! Congratulations, and keep up the excellent work!

Dave said...


I look forward to the full race report.


Andy B. said...

Hey great job, Addy. Taking over an hour off your previous time - that is awesome! And after last weekend's long runs, to boot.

Before you know it you'll be ready for 50 - 100 miles!

Jessica Deline said...

way to go rock star!!

rick said...

Sweet. Look at that PR number drop to 7:46, definitely a boost when you move down to the next hour, in your case two! Great job on the ultra(s)

You probably already know this, maybe your other running friends have told you. Now that you're reaching new heights in your running, longer and faster, pay even more attention to your body. Get your rest and eat your peas so to speak. Pay attention to tiredness and fatigue that lingers as well as little pains here and there. A lot of issues can be solved by an extra day of rest. When in doubt back off.

e-rod said...

hey, i bet you are feeling more ultra-y now, right? and a pr too!

Addy said...

Josh- That's such an exciting thought :) I'm not quite as confident in me as you are, but I am feeling more ready than I did a few weeks ago!

Twig- Thanks. I'm super thankful for the gorgeous weather here. I'm more convinced each day that I probably won't ever want to leave CA

Eric- I'm definitely hooked :D It really was so much fun (and less stressful) to have it so lowkey. Thanks for the video! I now feel informed and knowledgable :)

Michelle- Thanks!

Bob- thanks for the permission ;). I was thinking out there, since I didn't have my camera, that perhaps I'd take you up on your suggestion and make some crayon (is that really how you spell it? looks odd...) drawings ;)

Sarah- Thanks :)

Rob- i'm beginning to agree with you. Much less thinking involved in running

Jean- I think I'm glad I'm forced to do hilly stuff, so that someday if I ever do something flat, It'll seem easy. Ithink it'd be hard to come from a flat state and tackle some of the tough super hilly ultras!

Dave- Thanks! Hopefully I'll make it a good one :)

Andy- Hopefully I'll be ready for that 50 soon ;). Eeks, scary thought!

Jess- Thank you

Rick- Thanks so much for the advice. I do generally know that, but its a wonderful reminder. Last thing I want is to screw myself up by taking on too much, and I really do need to be better about the food and sleep thing (ah, grad school). Never hurts to have an experienced person remind me to be smart :)

erod- that I am :D Still need that 50 miler though... ;)