Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No More Mouse

As I was starting my paper (okay, my reading) for class, I suddenly heard a sound in the kitchen followed by a bunch of clicking sounds. Our poor little fellow is no more. Yes, I wanted the mouse gone, but I didn't really want it to die. We didn't even put any kind of bait on the traps and part of me hoped he wouldn't get caught in one, even though we did want him out of the apartment. All still in the trap, he really didn't seem so scary after all. He was so sweet looking. There wasn't any really outward trauma visible from the trap though, which was a relief. I wasn't sure how they worked. I know that there are a million mice and that they aren't exactly endangered, but I still feel badly killing one just because I was afraid of it and didn't want it in the house. It's not like I'm a vegetarian or anything, so it almost seems hypocritical, but I guess I see the benefit of killing an animal for sustenance, but not as much just because it makes me nervous. I think also because we're so disconnected from the food we eat that we don't have to deal with actual death when we want a chicken breast. Here, there was a direct line of fault between us and the death of the mouse.

Hopefully the little guy is in a happy place now with lots of oatmeal and peanut butter to snack on and no scary traps...


Phil said...

Sent to big mouse farm.

Great new mast head

Dad said...

Glad to hear of your success. Be sure to reset the traps and keep them out, as they are not solitary animals. Love you. Dad

Donald said...

He's probably in mouse heaven ... which looks a lot like your house, only without the traps.

Bob Gentile said...

happy place now with lots of oatmeal and peanut butter to snack on and no scary traps
LOLOL Geesh I like Oatmeal & Peanut Butter toooo maybe I was a mouse in my past life :-)

Well glad u got em, U have enough things to work on like school & running (smile)