Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Doctor update and great footage

(Doctor update warning..if you just want fun stuff, skip to the end :) )

Well, I tried to have my first chiropractor appointment today. This is the next step after taking a pack of steroids and nothing happening. Seriously....took 21 pills over the span of 7 days and didn't feel so much as an ounce of difference (if you could measure pain in ounces) Apparently I'm immune.

So, I left for the appointment and ran into horrible traffic, making me 20 minutes late. As if this wasn't bad enough, I get there only to be informed that the doctor moved her office from the address I found online to a completely new location. I'm horrible with directions, so it took me another 25 minutes to get to a place less than 10 minutes away. Needless to say, I had no appointment today :(

I do however have an appointment for friday! Yay! Also, my insurance will let me have 30 sessions (as needed) with just a $10 copay. Another yay! So, hopefully this will help. Also, I think I've jumped through enough hoops to get that MRI (btw, the X-ray was, in my Doctor's words, "entirely unimpressive" so at least there's no bone problem).

Slightly weird thing, that might just be psychosomatic, but I swear my left arm has been a little sore and tingly lately. I'm hoping it's just in my mind, but its worrying me a bit. I'm really bad at convincing myself of having things wrong with me that I don't have, so it might not really be there, but in any event, just another reason to get cracking on a cure :)

To leave on a happy note, here's an amazing video I (well, Ed) found:

flying penguins

go there and be happy :)


rick said...

oh haha, nice one. They had me there in the beginning. Anyway 30 sessions for a $10 co-pay. Nice. I hope things clear up soon. It's just crazy how this has gone on and on and on.

Sarah said...

I hope the chiro appointments help! I know how frustrating it is to not have a definitive diagnosis.

RSD_Terry said...

That's pretty good insurance. I hope this helps fix you up. I guess you're not running AR this weekend, then, eh? ;-(

Addy said...

terry- no :( Are you? I'm really bummed but have come to terms with it!

Gretchen said...

Okay, the flying penguins are pretty dran funny! I love the shot of the penguin trying to land on the tree in the rainforest....hee hee hee!
Good luck with the chiropractor. I see on your schedule you may volunteer at Miwok. Hope to see you there, I am pacing for a friend!

Southbay Girl said...

Addy, I sure hope you get some sort of diagnosis. Are you having an MRI? Because that will definitely tell you more!