Wednesday, March 26, 2008


As always, a drive down the 1 is a sight to behold. Ed and I were going down to cambria to visit with his mom, stepdad, and his mom's cousins from Germany. Since he's never been a passenger before on this stretch of road, I drove and allowed him to enjoy the views :) This had two repercussions- one, he realized how scary it is to be a passenger on this windy road and two, I didn't take that many pictures since I was otherwise engaged. Probably a good thing though!

Of course, we couldn't help but stop by the oh so ugly/cute elephant seals who hang out by San Simeon. The weaners (baby elephant seals that have weaned from their mothers - their name is one that 4th graders love!) were out in full force :) Since we were in a time crunch, we only got about 15 minutes with them (which was plenty for Ed, but too short for me!)

Ed's 'cousins' were amazing, so nice and wonderful! Their english was fantastic (they're German) and even though they're in their late 70s/early 80s they're amazing travelers (they had previously gone to 8 or 9 other countries, up the amazon, to rio, and were going to hawaii next!) I'm hoping Ed and I can go 'housesit' for them sometime, since they have 5 houses all over europe, including in Munich and Switzerland! One of their funniest observations about the English language was in regards to the word 'Actually'. Ingrid said, "What does this word 'actually' mean? Americans use it all the time, it doesn't make sense"

Actually, what does actually actually mean?

The weather was perfect, in the 70s, which we enjoyed by lounging on the quiet and uncrowded beaches and walking in the warm spring sunshine.

We stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge, which had beautiful grounds and a summery wilderness resort feel (think tahoe or yosemite) but, we decided, was no mountain home inn :) The grounds had gorgeous gardens though!

My older sister and her fiance joined us for easter brunch, which was really lovely!

as per the norm, we drove back inland to save on time and our sanity (the one is very curvy and, as it gets dark, downright dangerous!) The hills were gorgeous, painted with flowers like poppies and mustard.

All in all, a lovely beginning of spring break :)


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

as always, your pictures are beautiful!

Jessica Deline said...

those are some beautiful pictures!!

Catherine said...

Great to see the Cambria Pines Lodge. I was married there in May 2000 in those beautiful gardens. My folks live in Morro Bay so luckily we're able to get down that way every couple months. Beautiful area.

SLB said...

Great pictures, everywhere on the West Coast is so green at the moment, it's great!

Sensationally Red said...

OMG...your pictures bring tears to my eyes they are so beautiful.
Forlorn and freeeezzing in Ohio
Funny about the "actually" It's a superfluous word.

Jean said...

Wow, that place is indescribably beautiful. Excellent photos, Addy. And how nice it is to see green and flowers! :)