Saturday, August 30, 2008

Redwood 50k anyone?

I haven't been talking this up too much, just since I've been super busy, but my amazing boyfriend is running his first 50k next weekend :) He's doing Redwood with PCTR and I think he's going to do awesome. Two weekends ago he ran 22 miles of the course, meaning he got to check out all the race trails and knows what he's getting himself into. As we speak, we're watching "Running on the Sun" (before which we watched "a race for the soul"). So much like me before my first 50k :D. I'm excited to be attending an ultra again as well, since it's been almost a year since my last. Can't believe it's been that long...

It's been nice to live vicariously through his running, as it seems more and more like I'm not getting better any time soon. After spending the time and money last week getting an MRI of my back and an ultrasound of my leg, the tests came back totally normal, which means still there are no clues of what's wrong and how I can get better. On a side note, I didn't think these were the right tests. Apparently, though, "people don't get MRIS of legs". I just wish there was some way to see inside of my leg to look at the muscles, because I feel like there's something there. I'm getting new insurance the beginning of October and can hopefully start seeing a better doctor who will be able to help me.

It feels sad to be so out of shape now. I miss how I used to be. I've now been not running longer than I ever ran ultras. It feels like a world ago.

But, I get to come back and visit that world again with Ed. Next weekend will be so much fun (anyone else going to be there?), and it'll be nice to get to take care of him on the trails like he did for me during my 50 miler. He keeps promising that someday we'll run ultras together.

I sure hope so :D


rick said...

I sure hope so. I'm training back up for the fall races and still not ready to take on a 50k just yet. Ed should do just fine with 22 miles under his belt and familiarity with the course. This reminds me of Sarah. She's been at the races to support her husband Mark.

Southbay Girl said...

Addy-you will run ultra's again!!!! And way to go being Ed's support system! That's incredibly important! And I'm sure he feels very lucky to have you as his 50k support team!!! Have a great time at the PCTR race-I've done one in southern cal-they aren't easy!!

Sarah said...

Running is the best, but volunteering and crewing is a great way to stay involved with the ultra community. You'll have a blast! And good luck to Ed! : )

Catherine said...

Great that you're supporting Ed. Pat and I just did our first 12K together and it was fun (I'm stubbornly pushing through the injury). Some day you'll be running with Ed and Sarah will be running with Mark. I have to believe that.

I think Scott Dunlap is going to be there. Enjoy the weekend

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

So, how did he do? I looked for you out there, but didn't see you.

Just did the 30k, but a concert the night before as well as the heat made it feel almost as tough as a 50k...maybe like a 40k or something. I hope Ed did well! And I hope to see you out on the trails again soon!