Thursday, October 02, 2008

Adult Life

On Wednesday I got my first grown up paycheck and can officially declare myself self sufficient. Of course, I had the expected shock at how much you lose to various government things(seriously...more than a quarter of the total?!?!?) but am nonetheless proud of this check that towers over any I've ever received, and that represents the hard 12+ hours I've been working almost every day for the last month and a bit.

While I do want to be somewhat frugal, so I can start putting money away for the future (house and the like), I did spend a fraction of it to get myself a gym membership. With a coupon I received, I got myself a membership to 24 fitness (located on the way to work) for $35 to start and $20 a month after that. Not too shabby :D

I've been going after work this week and really enjoying my time there. As is normal with new teachers (I hope!) I pretty much am working from the moment I wake up until the time I go to sleep, with short breaks for meals. There is always something to do. So, being at the gym for an hour has been amazing. I can't lesson plan or grade things in any official way for that hour. Being back in workout clothes has also been great- it reminds me of that other, athletic self that I had sort of put aside.

A funny part of all this is that, with my gym dates after school, I've switched back to wearing contacts again. Up until this point, I wore my glasses every day because, well, I like them and they're easier. But, contacts are a must for gym/running, so back to contacts I have gone. My students freaked out when they saw me without glasses and many parents/coworkers have also commented on it with some level of surprise. It's funny to think that glasses really started to define my appearance when, while I ran a lot, I almost never wore them.

I have to admit, I have started sneaking in little runs at the gym. A half mile here, a mile there. I figure the treadmill has a decent amount of give, and it's just so fun to run. Better to run outside, but anywhere will do. The leg isn't happy, but I'm just stretching and taking some ibuprofen every night, and it doesn't seem too much worse than when I wasn't doing anything active, so I'm going with it.

It feels great to be moving again, sweating, working my body. I'm tired of feeling (and looking) sedentary and I'm excited to feel at home in my body again :)


Rick Gaston said...

Sweet. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold. You guys work so hard in and out of the school. Way to go on on investing in a gym membership, it will be dark earlier and wet soon. A good place to be working out during the winter months.

Journey to a Centum said...

Well expect just a little more to come out of your pay check for the, what is it now, $800 Trillion bailout. What ever happened to a little old thing called Chapter 11? Guess you don't need to file for that when Uncle Sam will get you out of trouble. Oh and ad a few pork barrel projects to the program to win the needed votes. Don't get me going on Credit Default Swaps grrrrrrr. OK... sorry I just had to vent.

Glad to hear you are once again a full fledged gym rat! I'm sure it will help with your stress levels. I watched Rob my running buddy go through this last year in his first year and I know it's tough getting everything organized. He seems much happier this year.

Journey to a Centum said...

Did I say trillion, I meant billion but who knows where it will be at before the Senate gets done with it.

Catherine said...

Good job getting established in your "adult" life. Sounds like you're doing well. Hope the running works out for you.