Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Miles!

As this past month drew to a close, I found myself eyeing my training log total for the month and feeling pretty darn proud. Now, granted, I was not nearly as diligent with my training schedule as I was when I did this in college, but having a full time job, plus it being wintery and dark early has made things a bit more challenging. So, this number could have been higher, but I will certainly take it. In February, I ran...

127 miles!

That is by far the most I've run in close to five years, and is 25 more miles than my next highest month of running. I am feeling great and am looking forward to my 20 miler this weekend and my race, 3 weeks from Sunday. Can't believe I'm going to be running a marathon again. I really wasn't sure I could (and I don't want to necessarily speak to soon - 18 is a far cry from 26, but I'm excited to try). 

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