Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looking Back as I Look Forward

My marathon, the first one since June 2007, is approaching rapidly. A week from tomorrow. Eight days. Or, 7 days, 17 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds to be more precise (thanks to the countdown on the website). When I stop to think about that, my stomach does a series of flip flops from a mix of anticipation and fear.

Even though I've been back to running for a while now, this race is really a litmus test for me. This race will prove, one way or another, if I can continue to harbor my fantasy of returning to my old running ways. Running double digit mileage in Nisene Marks or around Mount Tam these last few months in the bay area. Can I enjoy everything bay area trails have to offer? And, the new question that's peaking up, can I run a 50k up here before we move?

I'll find out one way or another. That's not to say that if I have a bad race (though *knock on wood* everything will go great), that it's totally decisive. But, if it goes well, it will be very reassuring.

I thought a fun way to reflect back would be to post some pictures of important long races from my past life. This is the girl I'm hoping to become again (well, an older, wiser version that is :) ).

June 2006 - My first marathon (5:32 - I'm hoping to beat this time on my next go around!)

Breaking 5 hours at the OC marathon, January 2007

My first trail marathon - Diablo. April 2007. Took me over 9 hours!!! This was the first run I didn't know I could finish until about 8 miles to go. 

First circumnavigation of Mt. Tam, April, 2007.  This run was around 24 miles. To be in that kind of shape again...

The day I became an ultramarathoner! Tahoe Rim Trail 50k - July 2007. I believe I beat my Diablo marathon time here, but only just. 

My first documented run with Ed (about 3 weeks after we started dating) on a camping trip to Big Basin. September 2007

Finishing my first (and only) 50 miler at Dick Collins. I was beyond elated to have come in under 12 hours and felt on top of the world. October 2007

My first big run back after years off. Diablo Trail Marathon, April, 2010. Also the only race Ed and I have run together (not the most compatible of racing partners, we learned :P)

Our first run as a married couple, the day after we got married. June 2010.

After a shorter break from running, this race was my "I'm back race". San Francisco Half Marathon, with my work Friend, Dana. July 2011

Keeping the running going! I ran San Jose Half Marathon with friends Amy, Bill, and Jenny. October 2011.

So, all that's left is to add one more racing adventure to this list. One at a time that is - I already have big plans for the rest of this spring! 

Wish me luck!!!

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