Friday, June 01, 2012

Awesome Math Problem

(Just poking in here. In case you can't tell, running hasn't been going well, or really going at all. I'm still dealing with pain on the bottom of my feet and don't want to make the same mistake I made 5 years ago and push through it, so I'm seeing a doctor on Monday and will hopefully get some answers. A little part of me is worried it has to do with the thing in my back getting worse, but an MRI tomorrow will hopefully provide good answers on that front. In any event, I'm running a few miles here and there, and have lots of active plans over the next month, so we'll see how all that goes.)

I did want to share this very cool math problem I found in our curriculum while making a test for my kids!

How great is it that the kids have an ultra marathon word problem? This guy's running at a pretty good pace, too!!

Hopefully you'll see more posts out of here soon :)

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Tyler said...

Sorry to hear you're in pain! Hope the MRI doesn't show anything serious and major. Frustrating either way. Hang in there