Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recreating our First Date

Somewhere around September 7th, 2007, Ed and I embarked on our first date. This was back in my running heyday, only a month before Dick Collins 50 miler. I *may* have chosen this run to show off a little, or I may have just been oblivious that this wasn't the most typical first date.

Throughout the run, Ed and I got to know one another back in 2007. This time around, it was much the same, except this time, instead of talking about our respective pasts, we instead talked about the past almost 5 years of our relationship.

We talked about our highlights (of which there were many), our lows (of which there were few), and what we have to look forward to (very much).

It was one of those runs where we ran when we wanted, hiked when we wanted, and were more caught up in the conversation than in where our feet were taking us. 

Now, granted, when we were trekking up huge hills, I may have been a little distracted :).

Running in such a beautiful place made us appreciate so much that wonderful year where we lived with redwoods outside our front door and trails like this a quick drive away.

At the end of our run, it felt like the perfect bookend for the Santa Cruz running chapter of our lives. 

We finished our date with another last - a lovely lunch at Erik's Deli Cafe, a favorite post Nisene place to eat.

In some ways, leaving this area has gotten us to take another look at wonderful places from our past as we get ready for our future.


Paula said...

Recreating your first date just before you leave is such a neat thing to do. This trail looks absolutely gorgeous!

Tyler said...

Sounds like a great first date and a great recreation of it too!