Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Ready

(Standing with my wedding flowers)

I woke up on June 28th with a smile and butterflies in my stomach as it sunk in that today was really the day. I got up around 7, I think, and decided to take a leisurely bath, since I wasn't planning on eating until 8:30. I put on a CD of George Winston piano music, which I always find calming, and enjoyed some alone time. I still had a bit of time after that, so I took a few minutes to write a card to Ed (that I gave him on the plane ride to Tuscany) and to write in my journal that I began 3 days before the wedding, all the way through the honeymoon. 

At just before 8:30, I headed upstairs, where a number of other people were loitering. For some reason, none of the staff members were upstairs for breakfast! Finally, someone (my mom I think?) went downstairs to the kitchen to get someone to serve us, and we got going. While we have never had an issue with service at our favorite inn, for some reason, this, of all weekends, was the one that they seemed understaffed and unorganized. It took until about 9:40 for us to get our food, which was a bit problematic, since my hair appointment was for 10! 

I did enjoy sitting on the deck with family, though, and enjoying the beautiful morning. 

As soon as my food arrived, I gulped it down quickly (tasty french toast, too bad there wasn't time to fully enjoy it!), and my mom and I rushed to get to the appointment. 

We got a little lost on the windy mountain roads, but arrived just a few minutes late to Verde salon, a newer salon in Mill Valley specializing in Aveda Products (and unintended perk, as I didn't realize this specialization when I booked them). 

The got me settled right away, and had me put on a beautiful silk kimono, as they found out what I was looking for. I had some pictures, and emphasized that I wanted to look pretty natural. They were a little surprised to hear it was for my wedding, and that I hadn't gotten a trail, but I tried to reassure them by saying its just hair - I don't honestly have to have it a certain way - I just want it to look nice. 

The process getting to nice was a little "hairy" at times (couldn't resist!)

but quickly got under control.

And, in just under an hour, my hair was finished!

After hair, they shifted me to the front of the salon, to get my makeup done. I bonded with the makeup artist over a shared fear of mountain lions (she informed me that, according to a ranger she spoke with, there are 4 on Mt Tam!). I also communicated the "natural" request, and she did a great job. 

My mom was a great partner through the whole process. 

Walking to the car was a funny experience. Especially on a monday, people didn't quite know what to do with a girl dressed in normal clothes wearing a veil. I got lots of funny stairs and a few, "Are you a bride?" and some congratulations as well. 

We took a moment to pause by some beautiful flowers, and then headed back to the inn. 

Once there, lunch was soon too follow!

We got it from this great place - Cafe Del Soul - which was delicious. I got this salad with cranberries, feta, and other loveliness. I sat on my mom's deck to avoid my soon to be husband, who was eating upstairs. 

It was hard to not see Ed all morning, harder than I thought. I was looking forward to seeing him and hearing about how his day had been, and wanted to share everything that had happened with me so far. Christine and Bill acted as middlemen to make sure that we were kept apart. 

After lunch, I had a little bit of time to myself, and was able to write a little in my journal. My friend Jenny joined me after a little bit, which was lovely, and then it was time to get dressed! 

(in all the pictures below, and the coming posts, unless otherwise noted, these photos are courtesy of our amazing photographers Hewitt Photography. I'll probably do a post about them in the future, but for now, I'll let the beautiful pictures speak for themselves)

At around 2pm, it was time to get ready for the big event. My room for the weekend was nice and spacious - perfect for getting pretty with my favorite people. 

I started by putting on some waterproof mascara (which, surprising, I didn't need! No tears for me), and then we had some time to wait around, while we waited for the flowers to do some accessories photos before I got dressed. 

We took time to take some pictures together. 

And also to have a few special moments with my sister and my mom. 

And, some special moments with my dress, too :)

We sent Vita away for a bit, to photograph the boys, and when she got back, it was time to really transform. 

First up were my amazing, beautiful blue shoes. My mom convinced me, against my best judgement, to purchase these expensive Vera Wang ballet flats. Looking back, they are very special shoes that I will be able to wear for important events for many years to come, and they were a good investment. 

Once in the dress, it was time to tie me in. I had my very own "Gone with the Wind" moment as I held onto the bed post while Christine pulled and my family looked on, amused. 

It was fun, if slightly odd, to have people dote over me, but it was necessary to get me all ready. 

It was really nice to just spend some relatively quiet time together before we went out into the bright, busy day.

It was really special when my Dad showed up, as well. He definitely got teary seeing me all ready (though he tried to deny it!)

Before we left, I took one last look out the windows, out to the redwoods and the bay beyond. It was the perfect day.

My sister helped me with one last touch up...

And I was ready to go!


Glenn Jones said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

Jean said...

These photos are amazing. Wow! What a beautiful experience this must have been. Thanks for sharing, Addy. Can't wait to see and hear about the rest!