Monday, July 26, 2010

Walking Down the Aisle

Once it was times to begin, we all walked in a long line to a spot further down the point, where the aisle would "officially" begin. We had decided at the rehearsal that, instead of walking from the big Oak tree at start of the point, we'd start a bit closer to the guests, so that it wouldn't take so long to get down the aisle. 

My primary focus during this part was to remain vertical. There are some precarious sections, especially for individuals wearing pouffy dresses and pretty shoes with no tread. Thankfully, I had my dad's arm as support and we made it. 

At some point, though, I finally really looked towards the end of the point and took in the scene. 

As I looked at the figures standing at the end, it suddenly sunk in that Ed was one of those figures. I strained my eyes, trying to see better, but couldn't see more than his silhouette, framed by the Pacific ocean behind him. 

Once the music officially began (it was so windy we couldn't hear it, but we guessed), the first two walked out - Ed's mom Sabine with his brother, Keven. 

Following them, were my mother and our friend, and Ed's best man, Bill. It was really special having them walking down together, as my parents hadn't gotten to meet Bill before the wedding weekend, and through this weekend, she got to spend some nice time with him and get to know him. 

Up next, my beautiful women of honor. My two sisters and best friend Christine were all amazing during the wedding weekend (and all the months prior!). 

First, my older sister Ashley.
Then, my younger sister, Kortney.

And finally, my friend Christine.

My dad and I waited patiently as we watched our loved ones approaching the far side of the point. Even though we shortened the aisle, it was still a bit of a walk all the way down. 

I told Ed before the wedding day that I was most looking forward to the moment where I would get to look into his eyes and finally take his hands in mine. Now, that moment was almost here. 

Once we saw everyone in the bridal party take their places in the front, we looked to our music man, Curtis (Christine's husband), who would be switching to, Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring, my walking song. While we couldn't quite hear it, we were soon told it was time. 

We were walking.


Kim said...

So very happy for you! Such a nice wedding report LOL!!!! Best wishes!

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