Friday, July 23, 2010

The Guests Arrive

(Becky and her daughter, Johanna, take a quick hike while waiting for the site to finish getting set up)

While I was getting ready at the Inn, our guests were driving over to the ceremony site. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a mix up, and somehow chairs weren't brought for the ceremony!! We were able to get a handful of them, but not enough for everyone, which added to a good deal of stress and confusion for poor Ed and our guests - I thankfully didn't have to deal with this in the moment. 

However, because of this, when my parents drove up with me to the site, all the guests (who were supposed to be calmly sitting at their seats, enjoying the music we had picked out) were milling about the parking lot. 

Not wanting to have my big reveal too soon, we quickly drove past the site and parked a quarter mile up the road, where we could see the site. From there, we could see the guests hanging out in the parking lot, and not much happening where the ceremony was. 

My parents and I made guesses about the cause - music malfunction? yellow jacket swarm? We were confused, and I was worried - What if we couldn't get married at our spot?

We saw our photographer head up the trail, which told us it wasn't a safety issue, and then, finally, the guests started heading up as well. 

Once the last guest crested the hill, we drove the car back down to the lot and got out, ready to get started. The rest of the wedding party was waiting for us in the lot and, together, we headed up to the oak tree, where we planned to wait until it was time to start. 

From our spot, we got to see our train of guests heading to the seats.

While there was only enough seats for about half, we had very good sports who were happy to enjoy our ceremony standing. 

Luckily, as soon as our guests found their spots, we began the long walk down the aisle. 

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