Friday, December 07, 2007

And The Winners Are....

... abbie, rob, and gandaman who got three on the first try :)

Andy rescinded his fourth slug sighting, so three is the correct answer! The winners will get...a santa cruz themed prize (small but good) if they want to email me their address to

Bet more of you wished you played now, don't you ;)

Its glorious friday, and I've finished my paper, so I just have one last case study to complete until I'm all done with course work. My dad will be in town monday night and will be taking ed and me out to celebrate. My last day with my kids is a week from today. I think I might cry when I have to leave them!

On an awesome running note, I'm officially pacing my friend Mike Palmer for the last 38 miles of Western States!!! I'm so excited :D. Of course with next to no running lately, it seems far off, but I'll get back hopefully soon. I think I am actually going to try to go see a doctor about my foot/let after all(as people advised), since its still doing that tingly numbish thing...probably a pinched nerve or something, but it's weird. And it's not just going away on its own. In case you can't tell, I'm not really a going to doctors kind of person, but its been a long time since my leg's felt normal (can you believe dick collins was almost 2 months ago?) and I want to get back to normal. I miss my long runs (and so does my waistline for that matter :P).

I'll do some research this weekend, but I might just see a doctor if I can over winter break when I'm down in SoCal.

So, it'll be a low key weekend, before the last week push to winter break!


Who is SLB+? said...

Congrats on finishing the paper and nice job on the pacing gig...I can't believe the buzz in starting this early already, get that foot seen to you'd hate to miss out!

runningtwig said...

I cried when I left my student teaching placement, so it's completely normal!

Congrats on finishing up the semester...and I hope your leg gets to feeling better. I felt that way after my first 50K and I didn't run for almost 3 weeks, but I biked a lot. I'm back running now, but it's slow going. Hopefully you can get it figured out soon - it stinks not to be running!

Abbie said...

ooh western states pacer! i can't wait to hear about how it goes :)

Sarah said...

Pacing at WS is Very Cool! Good luck with the rest of your semester!

andyb said...

I hope your leg and foot feel better soon. Hopefully you will be back at it by the beginning of next semester and in no time, you'll be ready for your pacing duties at WS (congrats on that!).

Hope you have a wonderful holiday break!

Sensationally Red said...

I feel the mother in me coming out--Addy, get to a good sports doc about your foot!! Cool about your pacing gig for Western States!

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to go to the doctor, you don't have to. Take a hammer and whack that foot really hard. I guarantee you won't be feeling the tingly numbish feeling anymore.

On a more realistic note, I know what you mean about missing your kids. I know they are just students, but you grow attached. My own children are my most important "students" and it tears me up to leave them each week to go to work.

You have a LONG career of teaching ahead of you. Don't forget how precious you feel about the little ones now. Write yourself a manifesto about your emotions and cares for them and review it when you are in the "Autumn" of your teaching days!

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...


Come back! I miss your blog posts!