Monday, December 03, 2007

Busy Busy Days

Sorry I've been lax on the updating all! All will be better in just a few short weeks. I'm entering (or have already entered, I suppose) into finals here at school, and a mere week and a day separate me from coursework freedom (plus another 3 days of placement). I have huge math journals due today (which are thankfully done), a paper on a scaffolding math lesson due today (still working on that), a huge paper about literacy due thursday (that hasn't been looked at....), a case study for math due monday (again....haven't really done much of anything there) and some kind of presentation monday apparently that I know nothing about.

Only 8 more days of placement with my kiddies which just about breaks my heart. They are so wonderful. My teacher told them today that I'd only be there for two more weeks and there were lots of sad and surprised sounds around the room. I'm still figuring out what I can get/make for them to remember me by.

I'm cramming in a few last 'spanish lessons' with my awesome bilingual kids. Today I learned chiquito means little (which is where I'm guessing the chiquita banana name came from?), felize means happy (makes sense!) and triste means sad. Can't quite say sentences yet, but I do know some go phrases "Caminando!"<-walk "no hablar" <- no talking "terminando" <-finish(ed?) Hopefully I'll eventually get a working knowledge of spanish so that I can give the best to all my kids :)

On the running front I ran 4.8 thursday and 5 on friday which was wonderful :) The leg is still being weird, though wearing a knee brace seems to help some. On Sunday Ed and I went for a run/hike in a great park not too far from where we live. Its cold here now though! I could see my breath when we started. We tried running but since the knee brace is his and his knee needed it, I got no brace. My leg started feeling sore early on, so we ran maybe a mile in a half, and then just hiked the rest. It was a great escape from all the work. Hopefully this week I'll get out for a run 4 times, that's the goal!

Just gotta stay sane till the afternoon of the 14th when 2/5 of my time as a grad student will be officially over :)


andyb said...

Wow, you have some work ahead of you in the next week or so. Good luck and I'm sure you will come up with the right thing for your "kids" to remember you by.

While I miss some parts of school, I don't miss the crazy, furious writing episodes at quarters' end!

And I hope your knee feels better!!!

Sarah said...

You're on the home stretch and then will get a nice break. Best of luck and fingers crossed the leg keeps improving. : )