Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas in California :)

Some catch up, here are photos from my run in Santa Cruz a few weeks back :)

It's about 70 here in sunny so cal, with beautiful weather! I went for a run for the first time with my mom a few nights ago, which was a blast! After big basin, at which she hiked the 10k, she started adding a bit of running to her walking. Before we started, she told me "now, I don't run it all, I walk the uphills, run some of the flats, and definitely run the downhills"....hmm....sounds like a potential ultra runner to me ;). We did a 3.1 mile loop very comfortably, and it was a blast! My sister's fiance also came along, which made it fun :)

The awesome runners all dressed up for dinner :) Anyone notice my hair? I chopped off about 5 inches :D

On a separate note, thanks to Sarah for helping me find my running log!!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly thankful :D

I now know that:

In 2004, I ran 42.8 miles (haha...yep! well, I don't think I recorded much of the year either. I have six weeks recorded where I ran from November 1st through December 20th, so I don't feel too horrible about that. Didn't run that much before that though, I don't think!)

In 2005, I ran 289 miles and had just begun training for my first marathon the last week of December!

In 2006 I ran 1007 miles! What a jump :) I started becoming an actual runner that year!

In 2007 I've run 1429 miles (so far!) I wanted to break 1500, but with the leg, that didn't happen. Next year it will more than happen for me though!

Now, onto Christmas eve festivities :) Have a great holiday for those celebrating it, and a great day for all!


Journey to a Centum said...


Congratulations on a great year of running! Thank you for sharing your experiences as you became a full fledged member of the ultra running community. Now we need to get you out of that comfy 70 degree weather and up on some frozen, windy, Mt. top for an enjoyable 50K!

Merry Christmas!

Trail Scat

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Yay! I'm glad you were able to access your log! : )

rick said...

Nice pics. Hey is this an online running log? Can I have a the link? I should log my miles too, I'm so lazy about it but maybe for 08.

Hope the leg is better.

Jean said...

Fantastic pictures, Addy! It looks like Christmas is treating you well.

Congratulations on all those miles you logged in 2007, and here is to even more in 2008! :)

Phil said...

Fantastic pictures Addy .. I really appreciate you posting them.

Jean Pommier said...

Gorgeous pictures and great review of 2007. 50% more miles than in 2006, you are rolling. Hope you'll fix your leg asap to enjoy a great 2008.

I've done a few stats about 2007 too, will post tonight or tomorrow.

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