Monday, December 17, 2007

The Setting Sun over Santa Cruz

Well, my first quarter is ending, as is my first five months living in Santa Cruz. It's hard to believe that my program is almost half over, and that I'm so much closer to new goals (like getting a real job and living on my own!). Having some time to just relax in Santa Cruz after finishing the quarter has been wonderful, if far too short. I leave tomorrow afternoon to head home for the holidays, with an overnight stop to visit my sister in Bakersfield.

Against any sort of fairness or logic, I'm down with another cold (for those keeping count, this is cold #3 in about five weeks). Hopefully a three week respite from little children will give my immune system a chance to recover! I'll be doing some catch up posting while I'm home with some of the photos and run recaps over the last few weeks. I had my first trail run almost since firetrails this weekend up in Berkeley and it was wonderful, though reminded me that I haven't done hills in a while. Ouch! I talked to a guy at the run about my leg, and he said it sounds like I have a dislocating Patella, which is common and easily fixed with PT, so that's good news (I know, he isn't a doctor, but it's nice to hear that this isn't completely uncommon). Hopefully the doctor thursday will support this, give me a insurance approved recommendation, and I can be on my way. Sign ups for Miwok 100k are coming up, and I'm so in. I'm assuming I'll be fine :D.

Anyways, time for some last minute shopping and packing, and then cracking open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the end of the quarter (and the end of my stint on this housesitting gig :( ). Then onwards to SoCal for some hopefully warm weather winter :D


runningtwig said...

You should try a B-12 shot. My husband and I get one once a month since we are both teachers and around kids all day and it helps us. Neither of us get sick that often!

Happy holidays!

Jessica Deline said...

gorgeous picture!

Journey to a Centum said...

Congratulations on getting through another step toward teaching! Twig has a good suggestion with the B-12. Michelle and I mix up Zip Fizz that has about 2000 times your MDR of B-12. It's great for that 2:00 lull in the afternoon.

Have fun with family over the holidays! Sounds like you are moving to So. Cal next. You should hook up with the OC Trail Runners! Fun group of runners that will keep you motivated and challenged.


Josh said...

Wow! You're so close to being a REAL teacher, how exciting! another cold? Those little tikes sure are germy! Enjoy your Christmas break!

Abbie said...

i was sick for part of my student teaching and practically my whole first year teaching, but since then I hardly ever get sick, so just push through - it will get better :)

Phil said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather again .. it is that time of the year though. Eventually, your immune system will catch up and protect you from the bugs carried around by those youngsters.

Congratulations for getting through you first quarter of Grad School. And keep those pictures coming. You've got about the best pictures of all the blogs I follow