Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Writing Break :)

Thought I'd write a post to take a break from my essay, which is going really well so far. Since I woke up at 8, I've written almost 8 pages (as well as had breakfast and lunch, showered, and read a little john muir :) ). I'm a bit worried that the paper is going to turn out too idealistic, as we're talking about our goals and plans for teaching literacy in our future classrooms. Working on this paper is really making me eager to get my own classroom. Yesterday I worked with the literacy groups, and it was amazing to see how far they've already progressed. To imagine that someday in the not too distant future they'll be reading chapter books is amazing! And soon books won't be objective texts with limited meanings. They will be deeply personal works that draw upon meanings individual to every reader. My favorite quote that I've come across so far in this class is by the wonderful John Steinbeck:

“A man who tells secrets or stories must think of who is hearing or reading them, for a story has as many versions as it has readers. Everyone takes what he wants or can from it and thus changes it to his measure… A story must have some points of contact with the reader to make him feel at home in it. Only then can he accept its wonders”(John Steinbeck, in Keene and Zimmerman, 71).

That's what I want my students to learn!

(I'd apologize for all this teaching talk, but my blog is called running towards teaching afterall :D You'll be returned to your regularly scheduled running talks in very short order!)


On the quiz results from yesterday, the verdict is still out. I personally saw three banana slugs out there, so I'm thinking those that said three are the winners. However, Andy saw four. And it's entirely possible that there's a slug in there I missed. So, if he can prove his "four slugs" claim, then he wins the prize (what that is, I'm still thinking ;) ) So, we shall see!


Jamie said...

Have you seen the movie "Freedom Writers"? If not, check it out! I think it's a must see for every teacher.

Best of luck with your paper. Mine for grad school isn't going as well. Ugh...

rick said...

Blogs are nice distractions, good therapy too. Nice pic, that's the state flower of Hawaii I believe.

GandaMan said...

Idealism is important. In a world where more and more kids grow up looking at the world through a cynical lense, a healthy dose of optimism is long overdue. Good luck!

Jean said...

I recently read an article that about a study that the National Endowment for the Arts did that showed how fewer people of all ages are reading for enjoyment. It is nice to see there are some up and coming teachers who will have the passion and the power to change that with the younger generation. Keep up the great work, Addy!