Friday, March 07, 2008

Beautiful Life

Today is friday and a beautiful one at that. I've been thinking a lot about how great Sarah's positive was the other day and, after having such a great day, it seemed an opportune time to write one :)

The best part of today was that my placement actually went well. When I went into the classroom wednesday, the kids practically ate me alive for that first hour. My teacher wasn't there, so it was just me and a sub, and it was just horrible. 6th graders can be brutal! I had a great talk with my mom, though (who is a 6th grade teacher herself) and she reminded me that at this age it's really important to give them choice. So, taking a breath, I decided to focus on that today. I gave them choices about whether I could trust them to take a break outside, whether I could trust them to pay attention in seats they chose for themselves, and what activity they wanted to do for the last 20 minutes of class (with 3 educational choices). I also really focused on the positives, reaffirming how smart they are, and that they are good kids. I think it helped. I just felt so much more in control. It'll take a while longer to really get into the swing of middle school, but I feel like things are on the way up.

Things have also been stressful as we have been gearing up for attending job fairs. Of course, this comes at a time when a record number of teachers are being laid off. Not the best time to look for a job! This is the problem with the way we fund schools in california. It's not like we can lay off students, but schools across the board are cutting 10% from the budget. Still, there are some jobs out there. I'll just have to be less picky :) I spent all day crafting my cover letter and am pretty proud of it. Hopefully it'll sell employers on my great teaching skills. I'm also happy that I'm getting two credentials, so that I'll have more job options. So, while I've been stressed about this, I'm feeling more confident today that one way or another, I'll find a job for myself. I'm going with my best friend this weekend to buy my first suit!

The last great thing is that its the weekend and Ed and I are once again house sitting (we took a 2 day break, but will have otherwise been housesitting for over 2 weeks!) This house is such a breath of fresh air. Its a great place to work (and since I have lots of work, that's a good feature for a place to have).

The leg is feeling a little better (I haven't run regularly for about three weeks now) and I have a doctor's appointment where I'll hopefully get an MRI to finally definitively identify the problem. I did get some helpful responses when I posted my problem to the ultra list, with some people who have had the exact same symptoms and are now great and doing 100s. One man gave me his sweared by exercise that 'cured' his problem. No cure for me yet, but I'm still working on it.

So, life really is great. It's going to be a lovely weekend, and there is only 2 more weeks until spring break! Life is certaintly moving quickly.

Hope you all are having a lovely friday afternoon (and weekend)


runningtwig said...

I'm glad things are going well for you! 6th graders can be beasts (I taught middle school for 6 months!!), but it sounds like you are getting the hand of it. And I'm sure you'll be fine in the job department - you have a lot to offer students.

I hope you can figure out your leg soon...I know we all miss your awesome race reports! Hang in there!

Sarah said...

It really does help to focus on the positive. I think you're going to make one awesome teacher! I hope the doctor appt goes well and you find an answer soon. : )

Abbie said...

phew 6th graders! I'd stick with the younger ones :) Yeah the budget cut really sucks. Our district is feeling it...I think around 250 people will be moved around/laid off. Not a great time to be looking for a teaching job. Good luck with the search :)

PKPWV said...


I commend you for wanting and being so enthusiastic about being a teacher! You are the reason our children move forward and become wonderful adults!! Teachers don't get enough credit!!!

Southbay Girl (planet Ynnep running)

Donald said...

Way to stay positive, Addy!

Jean said...

My parents were both teachers, and my Dad's nemesis was the 8th graders. "Oh no, not the 8th graders!" he would always say! :) Some school is going to be very fortunate to have you as a teacher, Addy. Keep doing what you are doing!

Phil said...

Ah ... 6th graders. Boy will they be taken down a peg or two once they get to middle school!

Best of luck with your placement. Finding a job is down right stressful regardless of your field. But you have a great attitude.

Hope that leg continues to improve.