Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I've just learned that there will be a Skyline to the Sea 50k through PCTR on my 23rd birthday.

I think I will have to run this!

I'm taking this as a sign that I'll be better enough to run this, since it just seems like a perfect race/day/way to celebrate turning 23. And it's a long time in the future, so hopefully all will be well by then!

Here's hoping :D

(In non related news, cambria was heavenly and beautiful. Pictures and a post will be up soon!)


Southbay Girl said...

That would be a fun birthday present to yourself! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can run it! I'm sure Cambria was beautiful! Hopefully a bit cooler than it was in LA over Easter weekend!!

Southbay Girl

Sarah said...

It's important to have goals. Fingers crossed you'll be able to do it!

The Cambria pics are gorgeous!

RSD_Terry said...

Skyline to the Sea is a great run. I've done this with the Stevens Creek Striders running club many times. They organize a fun run over this course, usually in August.

I hope you get better soon.

I'm running Avenue of the Giants on May 4th -- hopefully, this will be my Boston Qualifier, but who knows. I'm also registered for the Nike SF Marathon in October, so I can try to win my age group. It's the best likelihood considering not that many guys run it. ;-)