Monday, March 03, 2008

Pretty Pictures

"Oh what shall I do?" the sea otter seems to say

Sorry (feels like I'm apologizing a lot lately on here :P) for once again sucking with the posts. Truth be told I haven't been running since my PT told me I should 'use my best judgement'. After a month of PT nothing's changed, so I'm going to try to go back to the doc and maybe get an MRI. Leg is constantly sorish. Nothing too bad, but enough to be annoying and frustrating, since it's been pretty constant for months now. I'm pretty much writing off any racing plans I've had and just going to be accepting of whatever happens. I might take another week of rest and see if three weeks of no running with my exercises every day does something, but so far no success. I am getting a stronger core at least, though :)

My professional life is also crazy right now as well. Because of some big differences, I decided to leave my last student teaching placement (4th grade) and am now tackling an entirely different beast, middle school! Yep, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are now my students, which is somewhat frightening and intimidating and incredibly challenging. I'm starting all over with new kids and a new school and have been totally overwhelmed the last week. Hopefully this one will go well and I can call it home!

So, with all the craziness, here's some prettiness from a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Donald said...

Hey - you were in my neighborhood! My kids must have been in that Aquarium 100 times. It doesn't get any less cool even after that many visits.

Sorry to hear about the slow rehab process. Keep your head up; things will work out at some point.

Jessica Deline said...

great pics! I've been there once before. I love the jellyfish pictures.

rick said...

Uh-oh, the middle school kids, they're mean and crazy! I saw your post to the list today. I'm sorry it's not improving. What a bummer! Any good input from the list?

Sarah said...

I know exactly how you feel. : ( Getting the correct diagnosis is half the battle. I'd definitely try to be seen by someone who specializes in sports injuries. Hang in there!

robtherunner said...

Welcome to middle school! See the best in the kids and all will go well. Not easy, but well.

Lloyd said...

Hi Addy,

Great pics. Thanks!

Sorry to hear about the injury. FWIW, we have a local sports med doc, an avid marathoner, who hosts a forum on the local running store's called "Ask the Run Doc." He is very responsive and personally answers all questions. He's even helped me -- both online in person -- as he diagnosed and treated me for bursitis.

You ought to give me a try. The Run Doc is Dr. Nilesh Shah. Can't hurt to ask.


Jean said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures! And I particularly love the otters. They are such playful creatures. Good stuff, Addy!

I hope you leg improves with some rest, and that you settle in at your new teaching placement. Good luck, and hang in there! :)

Michael Ann said...

I just went there about a month ago. How fun that we both have posts up about Año Nuevo & the MBA.

Keep up the great work in the classroom and keep plugging away at physical therapy.