Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Awesome Recovery

So, yesterday I decided that I needed a long run before the San Diego marathon June third, and ended up going out for a great 20 miler through San Francisco (report forthcoming, as I had my camera with me!). Anyways, after that, I was imagining that I'd need some recovery time, and was unsure about doing the normal wednesday night run. However, it ended up going great! I didn't feel much more sore than normal and completed 7 miles at just over a 10 min/mile pace easily. The run was great (though on pavement) with fabulous views of diablo, mt tam, and the bay (including the golden gate) wish I'd had the camera, but glad I wasn't lugging the extra weight. The mental images will hopefully keep!

Can't believe that I've done diablo one weekend, the 23 miler w/ mike the following weekend, and then the 20 miler just over a week after that and was still perfectly fine for an easy 7 miles (and it actually felt easy!?!). I think my body is finally getting used to these long distances :D. Mike's going to take me for a challenging run tomorrow through claremont canyon, so we'll see how well the legs do then, but for now I'm really pleased with my level of conditioning. I think I might want to shoot for a 4:45 marathon after all!


Jessica Deline said...

Looking forward to you coming down here for a while and getting some runs in with you! I'll see you at the SD Marathon (Hopefully).

Backofpack said...

Isn't it great? You have been training well and it's paying off. Way to go!

RSD_Terry said...

I'm jealous that you're getting to do so much running. It must be nice now that you're not in class for a while. Enjoy!