Sunday, May 20, 2007

San Francisco Photos

As the run itself was fairly unexciting I thought I'd just post some of the best pictures up here :)

It's 6am and I'm driving down to my parking spot. Lots more cars than normal since it's a weekday, but still not much in the way of traffic :) I love early morning runs!

The view from the start of my run of Alcatraz with Marin in the distance

The always fun hopper's hands, that I high-five on every city run. Read the story behind these hands. After I knew the meaning behind them, it made seeing them on each run more special.

The Golden Gate in all its glory

A pensive stare

Looking towards the City

Flowers at the gateway to the pacific

Last visit to the golden gate for a while!

Open Arms


The entire album can be found here


RSD_Terry said...

You didn't run Bay to Breakers?

I finished the Ohlone 50k in just over 8hrs.

Addy said...

great job at Ohlone!!! It seems like it was hot out there, yeah? It was warm in berkeley and I know it's usually cooler here than there.

I skipped out on Bay to Breakers, since my dad had a wedding to go to this weekend. It was actually sort of nice to avoid the craziness. Crowds make me stressed :P

I did go on a nice run up in tilden park yesterday afternoon which was super peaceful, much more my style :)

Backofpack said...

Thanks for sharing the Hoppers Hands story - it reflects what life is all about.