Thursday, May 10, 2007

A nice evening run!

Not too much time to post, but I did want to get something new up here :) I'm currently drowning in the mess of finals and graduation, but I'm still *hopefully* looking at a good running week. After much protesting mentally last night I went out and got in 10 miles w/ 4 or so major uphills (2 short but steep, the other 2 more gradual and longer) at a 9:47 pace! That's super fast for me :)

I wanted to run on trails but with the lack of time and the fact that it was getting dark I opted for roads instead. Figure I should be getting used to the road again since I have that road marathon in a few weeks.

One really nice thing was that it got dark towards the end and I had about 3 or 4 miles in the dark. Granted there were street lamps and all that so it wasn't that dark, but still. I love the anonymity of running at night, and the peacefulness of it.

Going to aim for 6 this evening. Glad to get the mileage back up, though getting in miles this weekend will be interesting with family coming in tomorrow, final Saturday, and graduation sunday! Ack! Life is moving far too quickly this week!

Oh, and I'll do a post relatively soon to explain my future plans for those inquiring minds :)

Quiz answers will be arriving with the Mt. Tam run report! I can't believe no one got the tree one. It's not about what the specific items are on the tree (those are different) but more that people are putting stuff in the hole of a tree for others to find. One more hint, the book won a pulitzer prize and features a small town lawyer. Ring any bells?!? If people haven't read this book or seen the movie, then they need to put it on their to do list!

Sorry for the dearth of posts this week. It'll all go back to normal after I finish up the semester :)


Backofpack said...

I've got it now - you gave it away. I'll just put the initials so I don't give it away: TKAMB.

Congratulations on graduating this week! So exciting!

Josh said...

ahhh, the small town lawyer was the tip of for me. I read the book and watched the movie and still don't remember the connections, shows how good my memory is!

Sarah said...

glad you got out for nice long evening run! We ended up doing Strawberry Canyon, with a pretty small group because of the transports hiatus. Yesterday I got out for a lake run after work.
do you have any plans for a saturday run? Any interest in running the EnviroSports 18K over in marin (bolinas ridge)?