Monday, May 07, 2007

Quick Recap!

My Partner in Crime- Mike Palmer :)

I've promised Mike a good entry about our circumnativation of Mt. Tam on Sunday and plan to type up a nice one, but as it's finals week and I'm graduating in 6 days, now isn't exactly the time to be spending my writing talents (or lack therof) on my blog.

With that said, I wanted to just state generally what a great time we had out there! We ended up completing 22.5 miles and some decent elevation (not sure on actual numbers) and went all the way around Mt. Tam! Started at Ross Commons and went by the cataract waterfalls, up to a great view point (that has some name...) to Pan Toll, and then on some other cool trails back to Ross. Took about 8 1/2 hours to complete the whole thing :)

A big time zapper on this adventure was my pechant for taking photos! I ended up with the obscenely large number of 132 pictures after our journey!!! Lots of them were unexciting shots of forest singletrack that just didn't translate well onto the camera, but I did get some really nice pictures too (if I do say so myself :) ). Mike also indulged me by both allowing me to take pictures of him (to make the pictures more exciting) and taking pictures of me as well (I'm such a running tourist!)

One of Mike's many great shots. This one at Cataract Falls

He also showed me some great hidden treasures on Mount Tam. For those in the area, guess where on Mt. Tam these 'amusements' were taken!
Bonus Points if you know the story behind this!

Bonus points if you can site a potential literary reference here! (click on it to enlarge if you need to see it better!)

If you don't know the real story behind either of these, or aren't from the area, take a guess!


maniac hippo said...

I can tell you're already an ultrarunner, and something tells me you're destined for greatness -- not this year or maybe even next, but soon.

I'm so jealous of the area you are in right now... so beautiful. I haven't been paying attention but are you going to move after graduation?

I'll save my con"grad"ulations for another week.

Once again, it was so awesome to meet you, if only for a couple of minutes. Ultra people are like a huge family, so I'm sure we'll meet again.

PS. You are a great example (and teacher) I'm going to see if I can volunteer for Sarah and Wendell when they are up here at the end of the month.

Jessica Deline said...

Cool that you got to run with Mike! He seems like a great guy (met him only briefly but have emailed with him). Your run looks like it was fun but I failed the bonus point questions.

Gotta Run said...

Love the post. I kept wishing that I had taken my camera on my trail run this past weekend. Lots of rain and mud would have made for some great photos!

Backofpack said...

I didn't know there was a test!
I feel like I should know the literary reference, but I don't.

The pictures are great - the area looks beautiful. And great job getting the miles in!

RSD_Terry said...

Well, the only literary reference I can think of would be Alice in Wonderland. However, the props around the rabbit hole don't quite match that story.

Anyway, sounds like you had a great run.

Good luck with all those final papers.

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey Ultra Runner Girl! Nice 8+ hour run in what looks to be a very beautiful area.

OK, it's a aircraft engine but it wasn't my fault! Was this a wartime crash? Perhaps a Japanese recon or warbird of some sort?

As far as the Bear, Dragonfly, and other stuff go I have not a clue.

I'm sure you are full of anticipation regarding your upcoming graduation! What does the future hold for you? Do you have work lined up? For that matter when are you going to run your first 100M, get married, buy a house, have kids, and retire? No pressure!



Addy said...

Maniac- What a sweet thing to say :) I feel like I can't 'officially' claim the title until I get that pesky distance requirement covered, but I do think Diablo essentially broke me into this new level ;). Enjoy volunteering up there! Sarah and Wendell have such great races and give the added perk of a free or reduced future entry to a race for volunteering, which gives even more reason to help out! Plus, volunteering really is such a blast on its own :)

Jessica- Mike is definitely lots of fun. He knows just about everyone under the sun as well. We ran into 15 or so people out on the trails that knew him :)

Robin- Rain and mud would definitely make for fun trail pics :) Getting all muddy seems to epitomize the awesomeness of being out in nature

Michelle- Thanks!

Terry- Not quite the book I was looking for, but you could argue your point ;) Thanks for the luck! I'll definitely need it

Eric- Aww..."Ultrarunner girl" has such a lovely ring to it! Now I just gotta officialy earn that title :)
Right on about the wartime aircraft engine! Any guesses on the war?

A hint on the tree picture- The book I'm thinking of is on the 'banned book list' and was made into a movie with a very handsome and talented actor as one of the main characters :) It was one of the rare cases where the movie was comparable in value to the book, and the movie won several oscars and much acclaim. Any guesses now?

Josh said...

well I have spent the last 30 minutes looking up banned books made into movies. The only one that I found which has one several Oscars was Gone With the Wind. What that has to do with Dragon Flies and nut crackers, I have no idea, but thats my guess. Now tell me the answer so I can stop looking for it, lol.

Lisa B said...

Hi Addy,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's a pleasure to have you. You have a great blog here. Loved the pictures. Looking forward to hearing more about your quest for the ULTRA distance!