Thursday, May 24, 2007

Insomnia Revisited

Apparently my skills at pulling off all nighters to write papers aren't so much connected with school as they are with stress. I'm having trouble winding down from packing even though I only slept about 5 1/2 hours last night. I'll be waking up in 4 1/2 hours to go on a sunrise run with a friend.

The good news is that everything has been put into a box or bag (for the most part) so that tomorrow all i need to do is fit it all in my car! (and taking things to the dump and goodwill that I no longer want or need)

My room is full of boxes, paper grocery bags filled with things, trash bags, and other assorted goodies. I've tried to be sensible and toss things that I don't really need to keep, but I've still ended up with just so much stuff. I'll be trying to load the car tomorrow afternoon and, if it doesn't work, I've had some offers to store some of my things :)

Had my last transports run for a while, which was really nice. A good and comfortable 6 miles in Redwood and Joquin Miller Parks. We went on part of the trail that The Sequoia race covered, and it was nice to be back when I wasn't feeling so out of shape! It really is such a beautiful park and I really enjoyed taking in the redwoods.

Tomorrow should be great as well, running with the rising sun on a beautiful trail. It'll be my last Berkeley run for a while, so I'm hoping it'll be a good one!


Bob Gentile said...

ALL packed up and on to the next chapter of your life!!

Exciting times ADDY, and be grateful you have running to burn that stress off... just think what the average peep does, eats junk, drinks and or whines about it....

but NOOO what do we do, we RUN!!
such a WAY better choice:-)

FOCUS, Breath & RUN with purpose!

Have a safe travel!

mtnrunR said...

locked and loaded, very good. well almost. you will have/had a great run i am sure.

you should love your new hydration pack. i have heard nothing but good things about it. and you will love having pockets up front, easy to get grub that way.

i have several packs and it sure is nice when they are comfortable. i don't race with packs but they are sure nice to have on long unsupported runs.

RSD_Terry said...

Saddle up! Lock & Load!
Awesome. So, did you find the Garmin while you were packing? Did you manage to lose your car keys again in the process? ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend.


mtnrunR said...

hey, just saw a picture of you and karen guenther together on terry's page. i ran with her a couple of years ago at capital peak 50 miler. and then i saw her again last year at miwok. what a small world it is.