Monday, October 08, 2007

The Beauty of Big Basin

Our Beautiful Campsite

In an attempt to distract ourselves from the stresses of life (stress about the race next weekend included), Ed and I decided to go camping in Big Basin, which was absolutely gorgeous :). It was so wonderful to be out there all night enjoying the beautiful (but cold) night air, and to see all those stars through the redwood trees. I had fun using my headlamp on a nighttime hike on a nice trail by camp (though we didn't go too far), and did a great hike/run up to Buzzard's roost, where we got amazing views of the pacific ocean and the santa cruz mountains. I had lots of fun playing around with the new features on my camera, too (which is why some of the photos are sort of black and white). We spent less than 24 hours total out there in the woods, but they were hours well spent. For next time, definitely an air mattress would be a plus (that ground was cold and hard!) as well as making sure our wood is covered so that we can start a fire in the morning :) Otherwise it was a great experience!

Good food and Good wine :)

Ed sports my head lamp as he attempts to light a fire (that was very sucessful!)
Our itty bitty (apparently standard 2 person sized) tent

Sunlight peaking through the redwoods. Our view while we had breakfast

We enjoyed watching the sun rise into the sky

Reading by the fire

View from our hike/run (hiked up, picnicked, and then ran down) of the Santa Cruz Mountains

On Buzzard's Roost

A successful overnight adventure in the forest!

I kept thinking all day Saturday that I'd be running the race right then. Crazy thought! Only 4 full days (plus the rest of today) between now and the race. I'm definitely getting the butterflies in my stomach, but hopefully the busyness of this week will be distracting. I've gotten my student teaching days switched so that I'll be off friday. Ed and I will be driving up, and staying with my amazing friend and pacer Sarah for the weekend. And then the excitement will begin :)

[On a side note, Ed did his first double digit run with me on thursday- 10 miles! He did awesome with the 5.5 Saturday and the 5 Sunday too. It's been so nice having someone to do my training with lately, and I have no doubts that he's capable of getting up to nice and long distances at some point]


Kim said...

There's the mystery man! Looks like a fun weekend. For some reason, I thought DC was this past weekend, I was looking for the race report! Relax and taper down!

Josh said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Good luck with your taper!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Addy! And you are going to do great at DC! Remember when you get is just running.

We are all rooting for you from over here in Ohio!

Sarah said...

Wow, that looks so relaxing and peaceful! Enjoy the rest of your week! : )

rick said...

That would be a great place to spend the night. So nice out there. I bet it was nice and cold in the morning too. Perfect for burrowing deeper in the sleeping bag. See you guys on Saturday.

Pete Vara said...

Fantastic pictures. Good luck this weekend you will do great.

andyb said...

You're gonna do great at DC!!! You have done the training and are ready, now you just have to run the race.

Your camping pictures are great. Makes me look forward to the week of camping my wife and I have coming up at the end of this month. Can't wait, we have a couple of good runs planned for it, too! :-)

Have fun and best of luck at DC, Addy! We'll be rootin for ya.

rustyboy said...
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rustyboy said...

Holy. Crap.

Ann and I were in San Jose this weekend for her class reunion and ran at Big Basin on Saturday! I did 2 hours, she did 90 mns, but DAMN, we nearly ran into you!

No wasps this time, which was nice.

All my best on your 50 this weekend!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Pics and awesome weekend you guys had...

race time coming up Addy, it's FOCUS IN TIME --WOO HOO!!!! very excited for you!

mtnrunR said...

great pictures. have fun this weekend.