Sunday, October 14, 2007

A fabulous race!

The full report will come later, but for now, just wanted to post that Firetrails went amazingly. I was ridiculously nervous beforehand, even thinking I might throw up before the race, and yet when it started, I felt like I was finally able to just breathe. Mike kept me pushing hard to mile 37, when my friend Sarah took over as my official pacer and we took it a little easier to get re-energized, and then I pushed and pushed, doing probably sub 10 minute miles at the end and sprinting into the finish for a wonderful time of...

11:47 :D

It was fun and amazing and wonderful and I can't wait to do another one (well, right now I'm too sore to think about any kind of real movement, but in a few weeks I can start dreaming again :) )


Sensationally Red said...

I'm speechless! Amazing. I can't wait to hear your report. One of these days I'd love to do one too!
You are one tough girl. Congrats!

Josh said...

wahoo! You're awesome! I knew you were going to do great. 11:47 is smokin! So do you feel like a "REAL" ultrarunner now??

Sarah said...

You rock, Addy! Congrats on your 50M finish. The first of many I'm sure. Looking forward to your full report!

Sarah (PCTR) said...

You looked SO great out there, Addy - strong and happy!



runningtwig said...

That is AWESOME!!! Great job on your first 50M!! You are an inspiration to us all!!

Phil said...

An amazing finish Addy. Congratulations on your first 50M

robtherunner said...

Congratulations, Addy! I am glad to hear that you had a good time. I know how it is doing your student teaching and trying to fit ultras into the schedule at the same time. Way to go!

miki said...

Well done Addie. So happy you had a good time. It's such a great race on great trails. :)

Donald said...

Hey Addy - it was great to see you out there! I knew it was you because of your smile. You looked very relaxed and happy, and I'm glad you had such a good day. Congratulations on your finish, and many happy trail races to come.

Backofpack said...

Congratulations Addy! Way to go!

rick said...

Haha what can I tell you that wasn't already said. Great job. It was great meeting Ed too.

Jean Pommier said...

Fabulous to hear good news from this great run, Addy. Sorry to have missed this year's edition, but had a great 20K in Paris this morning, thinking of you guys. 1h10, road racing, quite a different experience. Can't wait to get back on the trails for the Whiskey Town 50K.

Recover well, take it easy this week, enjoy some rest time after such a stressful preparation, but enjoyable outcome.


Anonymous said...

Let's get that PR listing on the side of your page updated!!! Nice job Addy.

Jean said...

You truly are a rock star, Addy! Wow, awesome job! I look forward to reading your report.

Get some good have earned it! :)

Greg said...

You are fabulous! Congrats!

Abbie said...

great job addy! that's awesome!

e-rod said...

it was great to see you again, addy! awesome job out there. you looked fresh as a daisy when i last saw you at about the halfway point. fabuloso!!!!

Dave said...


What an outstanding achievement. You should be really, really proud of yourself!

Norbert said...

Yay! You were flying to the finish as fast as in a 10k when I saw you coming around that last corner! Impressive! Can't wait for the report. Norbert

Bob Gentile said...

Great Job Addy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So awesome, I spoke with Rick and he told me you closed it out nice...way to go Chica---haha (love that word)

and glad u took that ICE Bath :-)

hao said...

congratulations, addy! great achievement. enjoy. :)



Brad said...

It was great watching you come through the finish line! You looked like you had won the lottery!

You'll remember that feeling forever! :)

Addy said...

Red- You should definitely do one :)

Josh- I do feel like a 'real' ultrarunner indeed :D

Sarah- Thanks!

Sarah (PCTR)- Thanks! It was great seeing you and wendell. You guys looked like you were both doing awesome out there. How did your races go?

Twig- Thanks :)

Phil- Thank you!

Rob- Thanks! This whole teaching and running thing is diffcult but doable I think :) I'm thinking it'll probably be even harder next year when I'm actually teaching, so I'm trying to appreciate what I have now

Miki- Thanks! I'm so sorry you weren't able to be out there running with us, but hopefully we'll be running a race together soon :)

Donald- Thanks and congrats to yourself as well! You looked super strong too. I think it was just a great day for a run

Michelle- Thank you!

Rick- It was great seeing you again at a race :) It was fun to introduce ed to people too, though I think he was pretty beat by the end of the day. Told him all he needs to do is run a race and I'll happily crew for him :D

Jean- Congrats on your race! That's not terribly far off from my 10k time :) How wonderful! I'll have to go check out the report I'm guessing is on your blog? Have fun at the 50k :)

Mike- Duly Updated :D

Addy said...

Jean- Trying to get some rest :) This whole going to school thing is getting in the way though ;)

Greg- Why thank you!

Abbie- Thanks :D

E-rod- we both rock! You'd better be sending in that application!!

Dave- I am proud of myself :) Feels a bit weird to say, but I'm just really happy that I achieve this goal!

Norbert- I think I felt like I was going as fast as when I finished my first 10k :D It really felt like I was just flying, being carried along by all the cheering

Bob- I drank some ensure, just like you said, and made sure to have the energy to finish it strong!

Hao- Thanks! I am enjoying :)

Brad- I really was just so incredibly happy. It felt amazing!!! Unreal, but amazing

rustyboy said...

Way to go!

And with that finishing time? Now people will officially think you're insane.

Enjoy your recovery - eat lots of all the garbage you denied yourself!